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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by greatgardensltd., Mar 26, 2005.

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    site almost complete / we tried to keep it simple / any input would help...
    we are using site to supplement our other marketing segments / we feel that too many sites are bogged down w/useless & endless words that a potential client will never read...we rely on good old face to face interaction to tell a prospect how we could benefit them...and always remember that walmart has customers, professionals have clients...
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    i'll look at it a bit closer later, but 1st thought only looking at the homepage:

    - the pics are way too large. don't force pictures down to thumbnail size through code, physically do it with graphics software and link that to something larger if you want.

    - i really like the design of the upper right, but the moving pic is distracting and doesn't seem to move for any reason other than to move. i'm never a fan of flash for the sake of having flash. i think it would look great sitting still.

    - the picture of sarah, while great to feature someone who i assume is your daughter, doesn't fit the page or it's design.

    - very nice looking design, but do you have a professionaly design logo rather than the staid, times new roman font rendering of your company name?

    - you would do better with the search engines if you get that huge amount of css code over to it's own file. also, for the engines, you need to add some descriptive page titles, and not just your name.

    - your links to other sites basically show your prospective customers the exit door. make those links launch another browser window.

    go browns.
    go gilmour lancers.
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    I get "URL not valid"

    Tony.. did you get my last PM?
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    heading beyond the homepage, here are a few more thoughts:

    - the "welcome" page link just sends me to the homepage (if that link is on the homepage, i would expect to go to an actual welcome page.). when clicking, it forces a reload (including the oversized pics) of the same page i'm on.

    Consult - Design page:
    - the center-justified text doesn't work for me and i think it makes a 2, or more, line sentence more difficult to read than if you had a centered, left-justified paragraph.
    - i like the rendering pic, but you might want to add a caption that explains what is is, and it's a service you offer.
    - i'm an avid user of the trailing "...", but it seems to be used a bit excessively, which makes it seem awkward in their use.

    Create - Manage:
    - same thoughts as above... :)

    - again, i love you pics. it's amazing how easy it is to tell the oft-used, identical stock photography lcos use on their sites, vs actual, "this is really our work" pics. very nice. but... way too large again. shrink those things down and then allow a visitor to launch a pop-window with a larger version. just throw a caption of "click to enlage" or some such under the "smaller" version. if you resize those pics, you can have the same quality and physical size, while only having the pic be 1/5 of the file size. this will make for happier visitors who do not want to wait for the many hundred k (approaching 1mb? i got tired of waiting on dial-up) of images to load.

    - you should separate your fax number so it doesn't look like part of the mailing address.

    all in all, i think it's a very nice site and is very close. just needs some minor tweeks and those really are nice pics. those should be great selling tools for you.

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