Check out this crazy dozer driver

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by all ferris, Oct 27, 2008.

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    Sure would like to know the story behind that.
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    The city wanted to put a road through his muffler shop, quite literally, and it was going kill his family owned business, he did everything in his power to stop them, but he was considered a "whiner", so he taught everyone a lesson, there are some people you just don't f**k with. Period.

    Some people might use a base ball bat, a knife a gun or even their hands to fight fire, but this courageous dude went all the way.

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    a man with a plan
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    Indeed he was a man with a mission and a man you dont mess with. But what did he get out of that? hmmmm....maybe a bunch of police officer crawling on top of that killing him. He did all that for nothing and he paid for it with his life.
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    Saw that on Tv a couple years ago. The video Ron posted gives a lot more detail about just what was really going on. Defintely nutso to say the least.

    Now, talking about tracked vehicles destroying a town... How 'bout the nutcase that stole the TANK and took it on a joyride crushing and demolishing everything in his path!
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    Actually I have seen this story, if not this video, before, he killed himself with a handgun, after the dozer stalled.
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    I know what it is like to fight City Hall. I was developing nine lots and had a list of 30 potential buyers that were hot to buy. We had the preliminary plat approved and went to turn in the final plat a month later and the city decided they needed an additional 30 feet of right a way.

    We had to completely redraw the plat, lost 3 lots and had to fight the city for compensation for the additional right of way and for the extra expenses involved. We lost a year and a half of time and the housing bubble broke. By the time we got the streets and underground in there wasn't one person out of those 30 that was interested in a lot, they had purchased somewhere else or couldn't afford the higher lot price. I am now sitting on 6 high end lots that I will have to wait for the market to come back. I suspect at least five years before I will be able to sell them. I'm glad I developed them with cash and didn't borrow money.

    The city lied about being fair with us and hid behind all their rules and regulations. They got an appraisal on the right of way they needed from me and an impact cost to us on our project. They didn't like the amount of the first appraisal so they got another appraisal from someone else and it was 1/3 of the first appraisal. It was an eye opener on how they can manipulate things to their advantage and look you in the eye and tell you they are being "more than fair".

    We consulted with an attorney from Phoenix and he said we had a good case but by the time you figure in the headache and how much the attorney gets (1/3 of anything over the cities appraisal) I decided to go another route.

    I found a piece of property left over from another right of way acquisition the city made to put a street in (that guy had to go thru an attorney too to get his fair price) and offered a swap. They liked the idea but we still had to come up with some cash, but in the end we should be able to sell it for what we were wanting in compensation in the beginning.

    It is a joke fighting the city, they wont budge until you get an attorney involved and then they will stonewall you until the very end. You will finally get what is a fair price (less the attorney fees) but they will make it a miserable ordeal and hope that you will give up before going all they way. I have a very bitter taste in my mouth dealing with the city.
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    Most government organizations work the same.

    If you are a insider they will hand it to you on a silver platter. If you are a outsider you will have to use litigation to get anything done.:canadaflag::usflag:

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