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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by grassman177, Mar 24, 2013.

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    I am having trouble understanding how that system achieves close in coverage with a single gear drive head. Especially a PGP. Those heads are normally dependent on having adequate pressure at each head and sufficient head to head overlap to prevent dry spots around each sprinkler. Unless the head operates in such a manner that each rotation varies the stream length within the set radius like an MP Rotator or Toro Super 300. Even then, those two heads need to be designed into a system that overlaps each head.
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    This is really going to make new installs simpler. No more head to head BS with all those stations
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    Cheaper to install also...charge the same price... more profit...
    I'm skeptical of it acheiving uniform du ...seems like there would be lots of runoff as rotors don't throw square patterns...unless it varied the distance via aperature or pressure changes/volume
    I predict lots of service calls related to head spraying on house, into other yards, on driveways...power loss resetting the software...
    I'd hope it works...lots of innovative ideas poorly executed fail and disappear
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    Funny how these wonder products never provide any independent performance data. I also find it amusing with all the talk about uniformity, and yet I have seen nothing on the uniformity of the product ... potential or otherwise. Perhaps I missed it ..... or not.
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    Who wouldn't want a $250 "granite-covered" sprinkler head? :p
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    The word on the street is that they are in negotiations with a forum sponsor to develop a granite sprinkler protection device. I hear they are leaning on marketing it as the Rock Sock.

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