check out this tow behind aerator on ebay

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hustler1, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. hustler1

    hustler1 LawnSite Member
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    Hey look at item number 2364274445 on ebay....I think I finally found a good, cheap and heavy duty aerator to pull behind a ZTR! His design makes sense to me.....
  2. Doster's L & L

    Doster's L & L LawnSite Senior Member
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    I don't think it will pull plugs deep enough. It looks like it is only pulling 2"plugs. 2" is better than not at all i guess. I go for 3" myself.
  3. Richard Martin

    Richard Martin LawnSite Fanatic
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    That will work fine as long as you don't have to make any turns. If you search Lawnsite you will find a thread that links to a website that has a real nice aerator for about that price.
  4. J.Gordon

    J.Gordon LawnSite Senior Member
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    It looks homemade to me, Not saying that it’s bad or anything. I think I would be concerned with the hardness of the pipe he used. I don’t think it would last long on my place without a lot of repair. Just my .02

  5. hortboy

    hortboy LawnSite Member
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    I've been pulling a tow behind aerator behind a dixie chopper for the last two years, the tongue length on my aerator is twice the length and I still hit the frame on tight turns or when you get into trouble and slide side ways. Trust me, for a ZTR you need a 4 to 5 foot tongue length. I'll try to dig up a picture of mine and send it to you.

    Now I'll just sit here and wait for the snow to hit.
  6. Team Gopher

    Team Gopher LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Here is the pic. Click image for link.

  7. the scaper

    the scaper LawnSite Senior Member
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    i bought one like that this year except the tines are much longer, works great all my aerations came out real nice . i paid about $450 for mine but the return on my investment was fantastic. one word to the wise though, when i first got it i was hooking it up and grabbed that frame with my hand to roll it about a foot. when a tine rolled by it peeled my nuckle back and i had to get ten stitches :eek:
  8. GrassBlaster

    GrassBlaster LawnSite Member
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    I have a question....

    do the wheels on this thing pivot out of the way? Does the drum raise and lower? If not, what's the point of the wheels, and why not just weld the pluggers diretly to the barrel, or at least a little closer? It looks to me like it plugs while rolling on the tires, and that there is no way to lift it in order to go over sprinkler heads, etc.. Is that right? You just go around them?
  9. the scaper

    the scaper LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 690

    the wheels are fixed, thats one of the things i like about it. you just flip the tow bar over one way and you're on the wheels for crossing the street or going down a driveway to the back yard, and flip it over to aerate. yes i go around sprinkler heads as i do with any aerator.
  10. Barkleymut

    Barkleymut LawnSite Bronze Member
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    The tines are kinda far apart. Seems like you would have to go over the lawn quite a bit to get the results I am used to. But since you are pulling around on a Z then it shouldn't be too bad. The advice about the tongue being too short is also valid. I love my Lesco 42" pull behind.

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