Check These Numbers Please.

MN Wildwood

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I am in the process of making up a bid and want to run my pricing by everyone.
Property is a Chilis Restaraunt
* 27,000 SqFt of mowing, Fertilizing, & Weed Control area
- Last LCO took 3 man crew about .5hrs to mow,trim, blow.
* Approx. 24 mowings/yr
* 4 apps of Fert/yr (lesco 32-0-10)
* 2 Spray apps of momentum Herbicide
* Spring & Fall Clean-up, moderate number of trees, open area with wind. Last LCO charged around $250-300 for each clean-up.
* Trimming of bushes (twice/yr) roughly 5 hrs each time.

They would like a contract with prices for all services spread out evenly April-Oct.

Here are my Numbers:
Mow, trim, blow: $90 x 24 = 2160.00
Fertilizer: $95x4 = 380.00
Spray: $95x2 = 190.00
Sprin & Fall Clean-up: $300.00 x 2 = 600.00
Trimming: $40 x 10 = 400.00

Total around $3730.00

Please respond, even if it's just to say "that's high, low, about right" or even give feed back on what your price might be. Thank You - MN WILDWOOD

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I boycotted Chillis (non-lawncare reasons) so im not sure if i would be a good one for opinions, but i did have a few last year toward the end of the season when there lco flacked out on them, and they were cheap. I only took them on because it was the end of the season and i was being a nice guy:) So i would just treat them like anyone else and work for what you want to get paid. They are a chain restaurant and they can be cheap...


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Beatrice, NE
You charge for mow, trim, blow 24 x and again for trimming 10 x ?? Is the trimming when mowing different from the other trimming you quoted?
Your weed control spraying fee seems a little low. A spray on appl. is usually more expensive than the dry apps. If that's the going rate in your neck of the woods then it's fine - go for it.


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Sounds right to me. I just did an estimate for an Applebee's and Perkins yesterday and you are very close to my estimates. Good luck to you. I hope you get more commercial accounts than you ever expected. Bill

MN Wildwood

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The additional trimming 10 x $40 is for bushes.

For those of you who have responded, thank you, the input has been very helpful.


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Looks good to me... especially the $90 for 27k of turf. You really get that much out there? It would be about half that price here but I could knock it out in .5 hours by myself... 3 men would be 15 minutes. Good luck with the bid.
5 hrs for 27000 that is way to long.I could 21" in that amount of time. Probably twice!
.5 big dif. my bad


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Indianapolis, IN

Your FERT & SPRAY rates are low compared to my area. You are at $3.50 per 1000sf. We get $4.50 to $5.00 here. Maybe your area won't bear it?

For your 2 Cleanups & Trimming, do you have some $ figured in for DISPOSAL of DEBRIS? We have to haul everything to the dump and pay for it, so we make sure to charge the customer for Dump Fee PLUS time to and from dump and for vehicle usage.

Other than those areas, looks reasonable.