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    First of all, I asked for a 5-6 round program. This is what the sales rep sent me...i wasnt impressed.

    Here is some pricing for a basic landscape program that addresses pre-emerge control + fertilizer in the spring, a grub+fungicide application in early Summer, and an organic fertilizer application in the early fall. Also included a low-odor herbicide for touch-up spraying. I chose these granular products with public perception in mind, something you could possibly leverage as a selling point.

    21-3-8 with .426% Barricade 200 lbs/acre ($35/bag)= $140/acre **late April,early may app**

    Caravan (fungicide+insecticide) Heritage+Meridian 2lbs/1000 sq ft= 3 30lb bags/acre $180 ($60/bag) **early-mid June app also controls grubs all season + 1 month of disease control**

    Solitaire herbicide as a touch up spray for crabgrass, nutsedge, clover, other broadleaf breakthrough. 6x1lb case 16oz/acre rate **use only as spot spray material, not broadcast to keep cost down**

    8-5-5 organic fertilizer for the early fall. Landscape grade (200 sgn) .35#N/1000= 3.5 bags @ $36/bag= $126 acre
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    Did you ask him when his trip to Hawaii was scheduled.
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    Keep shopping for lower prices. Talk to several salesmen. Take them out to lunch, buy them a beer and and ask a lot of questions. You need more weed control--since this will be your main source of complaints.
    Take a look at "Lockup", a new highly effective herbicide on a dry granule.
    Fungicide is costly--drop it. Likewise the grub product--unless it is actually needed--then optional charge.
    Talk to Phasthound about organic fert--I think he can give you better advice--and charge less than $36 per bag. Barry knows his stuff. Lots of experience.

    It is better and cheaper to spray your weeds and crabgrass touchups with separate sprayers and separate solutions.

    Get your license and read a few hundred posts on this site. That is an education all by itself.
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    I'm always very leery of taking advice from sales reps. In the 30-some odd years I've been in the green industry, I've never once seen a sales rep or a distributor take the heat for how something turned out in a private business. These guys get paid to sell product, not to have your customers' best interest in mind.

    I might ask a couple of distributors for their thoughts, just to get an idea of what their selling to your competitors, but I wouldn't take their advice as anything more than cheap talk.

    Talk to the trufgrass extension professor at your state's land grant university. You can use the internet to access their publications and recommendations for lawn care. Most states have a turf conference in the late fall/winter/early spring. Attend that conference and learn from the speakers there. Determine what program you want to use, then negotiate with the distributors for the best price.

    I've seen so much bad advice come from sales reps and when the guys who take that advice lose business and lose money, they're left out there on their own.

    You've got to be smarter than the distributor, smarter than the sales rep. You've got to have the ability to see past their flashy, shiny sales sheets and fast talking BS.

    Be smarter than the sales rep.
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    good stuff guys. I appreciate it
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    salesrep has a background in the golf industry. i saw the preventative fungicide program coming a mile away. completely unnecessary. But grub is expensive?? Couldn't I go the route of Merit for cheap and have customers opt out? And I'm definitely on this site, almost daily, reading and learning every time
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    Sounds like you have bad reps. My sales reps have been nothing but a positive to my company and its growth. I also make sure a don't beat them up and nickle and dime them on pricing. A strong partnership goes both ways. With that said I do stay current on all new chemistry's on the market.
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