Check This out !!!(crazy clients part ten million)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by leeslawncare, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. leeslawncare

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    Hey guys ,Sorry i haven't posted in a while . Busy an ALL. but got to tell you about this story ..Bobby I can't compare to yours.
    Got this single lady(crazy as he^*) . She has called me 2 times for a (free) estimate i did it .third time i gave her a phone call guess(This house is behind mine ,on the other street)She wanted a final clean up ,Fed up with up with the other estimates. I told her 50.0 to 75.00 for the job . i charged her 70.00 for 1.25 hrs work? . Well make a long story short,She finally payed me ,but on her invoice she said "Your prices are to high"I need to re-align my prices.

    Guys She is crazy!!I think i did it cheap an then a insult !!!
  2. J&R

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    leeslawncare- How do you like this crazy weather here in Chattanooga.
  3. Precision

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    Sounds like the 3 strikes rule to me.
  4. newbomb

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    Sounds like something I would do. I am the champ at working too cheap for idiots. At least you got enough out of it to sleep at night. You need to realign her a$$ right out the door. Let some other dummy work cheap and he will be out of business soon. This has become my mantra this season. -Paul
  5. rclay11541

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    how do you present yourself?
    If your a small time operation and come off as the local kid trying to make a few bucks than that is a little expensive from a customers point of view

    If your a pro i would have charged her 50$ per hour per employee. I dont get out of the truck for a one time job unless its atleast 125.

    If its a pain in the ass customer taht calls more than a couple of times a week then i tack on another 50% to the bill.

    There are crap loads of cheap ass operations running that do cheap ass jobs people in my area want **** done right and are willing to pay for it. Also english speaking employees help alot.
  6. geoscaper

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    I had a cheap ass that I shoveled her driveway/walkways for. Took me 3 hrs to do. It was 12-14" of compacted ice and snow. I did it as a favor for a customer of mine(her mom). I leave her a bill for $200. She calls me and said she is not accustomed to paying this much for work. I told her to pay me what she thought was fair. I get a check for $60 reading 3 hrs at $ 20 an hr. Chalk one up for experience.
  7. op4_camper

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    Im laughing so hard ... why did you tell her that?
    Hey i got a bunch of work for you? :)

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