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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by opher, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. opher

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    I have a chance to quote 75 senior homes around 15-20 miles from our shop. They want to know what we charge per Sq. ft. The lowest bidder per Sq.Ft. will win contract.There will be no trimming or blowing, just cutting only. I don't have many details about this yet but I was wondering what to charge. We are getting $60/acre. How much should we deduct for the trimming and blowing? :confused: I'm assuming these properties are not going to be in a community, they will be around the western part of my county, that is what the ad in the paper says. The company that put the add in the paper is Lake Communities Development Corp. Never heard of such a thing.

  2. Grits

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    Go look at the property. Estimate how long it will take to just mow it. Multiply that number by your hourly rate and you will arrive at your number. That is a basic estimate. It shouldn't be the least bit difficult.
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    no trimming? are these individual homes, condos? I would hate to see the place after a couple months of just mowing and the grass growing knee high around the edges. Dont forget to highlight MOWING, NO TRIMMING OR BLOWING in your contract. You might want to point this out to them and sell yourself more.

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