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Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by pvs landscaping, Aug 12, 2009.

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    In Ma. we have huge and growing population of Brazilian immigrants. Whats happening now is they are starting their own business and low balling everyone. But here is the real problem, they have friends that are working for American owned companies and turning the client list over to their friends with all the pricing they can get. I have a friend also in the biz that told me he had a guy that butchered a really nice clients lawn, then he lost the client to a guy that he has seen with this Brazilian worker several times. How do you deal with people like that?
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    Call "strong Arm" Vinnie:hammerhead:
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    Not much you CAN do as long as they are legal...if they're not legal, now that's a different story. These immigrants really stick together to stick it to us, but that's what this country is all about isn't it? The melting pot has boiled over...:cry:
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    Hear is a serious answer...You deal with them by understanding what they are doing..........
    My post hear is about commercial accounts because that is where I am seeing these Brazilian outfits.

    Forget about the Brazilians for a minute, it is important to understand the mindsets of the commercial customers. What the commercial accounts and the 30+ years in the industry has taught me that it is the $ MONEY. Their may be a few exceptions but not many. The people who own commercial buildings and business are their to make money period. That is why the property and the buildings are their in the first place to make money, it is that simple. Office complexes and buildings and industrial park owners are not stupid they are predominately educated wealthy people who know when they are over charged and will jump ship when they feel abused and assaulted by large billing. Just read some posts hear on commercial landscape pricing. More often than not landscape contractors inflate per-man hr rates, have long multi paged contracts that put stress and fear in the owners minds, just because it is a commercial account. These guys are not charging massive rates and providing substandard care. They are getting these accounts because they are offering a better value for a lower price. When the owners of a privately owned D&D's See a corporate owned D&D's landscape shine and stick out out as nice they will inquire find out who their service provider is and discover their pricing is lower and BAM... guess who is doing their landscape the next year.

    It doesn't matter the time of year. These Brazilians are walking the property's on their own time, they then determine their absolute bottom line or even less for the entire property. They then write out in a narrative exactly what they can do, will do,want to do and for how much and make no mistake about it, they make it perfectly clear they will provide better service and for less than what they are currently paying along with providing addresses of the properties they currently take care of to use as examples of their quality They then attach proof of insurance getting that up and out of the way. They then find out who owns the property and either personally hand the proposal to them or mail it to them.

    Wake up guys this industry is going to be taking a huge dive soon. As much as it sucks and it does suck, the guys who focus on value and keeping their current client list while getting new clients by way of value and lower pricing are the ones who will survive.

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