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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Acorn, Apr 10, 2003.

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    I have come up with a formula for lawn maintenance pricing.

    How does it jive with you guys?
    I know you minimums vary and it depends on the site (hills, trees yadda yadda yadda) but could this be a starting point to at least verify a visual estimate (one you give a price without measuring it)

    where y = price and x = sq ft
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    So for every 1,000 sq ft you're adding $1.00 to your base price. Be careful about one formula fits all type of pricing which doesn't consider general conditions. If you're working in a development where all the properties are the same more or less I could see it working. Older neighborhoods might not be as forgiving on this pricing or those that vary greatly in size.

    What range will your formula work in? From 1,000 sq ft lawns to 5 acres? Also, what happens if you have 5,000 sq ft of grass that winds through a larger property in patches? Just be careful since general conditions can all vary.

    Lastly - only you can answer if your price formula works for you. Does it cover your operating costs and bring a profit to you? If it does or does not, than you've answered your own question. No one else knows your operating costs. It's difficult to answer dollar specific questions when there are so many variables.
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    no offense to be meant here but i have seen formula after formula here and i just don't get it...past having a minimum for dropping the gate if you can't walk a property and base your price on what the market will bear then you might want to look at another line of work...i mean, this is not rocket science here...i show up, walk the property, explain services offered, listen to homeowner for a moment and give a is that simple...maybe a measuring wheel for big big properties i can understand but those are unique...

    again, no offense intended....
  4. stevo22

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