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    Creating weekly credit card bills rather than monthly, is a great idea for cashflow, but how to you go about setting that up on autopilot. How time consuming is charging 120 peoples cards once a week? I know billing for my company to send bills out, insert dates on invoices, ect, takes a good portion of 8 hours to do it all and put them all in the mail.

    How do you streamline credit cards? Auto mated paying? Do you have to set that up with the credit card companies?
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    We use service auto pilot (SAP).
    We have a merchant account for taking credit cards.
    the merchant account integrates with SAP.

    the credit cards are stored with SAP as they are PCI compliant.
    we set our invoices to be tabulated weekly.
    SAP does the invoices automatically for the week on Saturday night.
    no dates to enter, ect for invoices, all done for you
    we send out the invoices via email on Tuesday.
    we charge the credit cards on Tuesday as well.
    it takes us about 10 minutes to do.
    it is a pain to get started and set everything up though.
    you must enter all your jobs into SAP.
    you also have to make sure you mark the jobs as complete or else the system thinks they were not done.
    if SAP thinks the service was not done, there will be no invoice for the week, and no charge to the credit card.

    attached is a screen shot of SAP invoices
    all information is blacked out
    from the top you can print, email, or have them print and mail your invoices. then you have the ability to charge credit cards.
    it will tell you what emails were delivered.
    as well it can tell you if the cards were all charged successfully or not.

    trust me it saves a lot of time from doing them manually.
    for invoices, scheduling and credit card charging/integration SAP is the best on the market. but it does not have marketing or a good time clock for payroll ect.

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    Just happened to browse your website. When I clicked on the lawn care services page at the bottom where is says about the neighbors choosing you, landscaping is misspelled.

    You have LANSCAPING instead of LANDSCAPING

    Just thought I'd let you know.
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    thank you.
    we are almost finished with redoing the site. just getting the last bugs, and making it look good, color wise.

    what do you think of the site overall?

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