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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kickin sum grass, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. kickin sum grass

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    just thought it might happen to somebody besides me. You may want to inspect your hitch for wear. This hitch was about 10 years old, inside of hitch was greased about 3 times a year, but was seldom unhooked from truck. We just happened to need to switch trucks and look what we found. You can see the ball right thru the metal of the hitch.

  2. Yup, I've run em worse than that till they could get replaced.

    I wish I has enough time to swtich to a heavier coupler.
  3. MWM

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    After having numerous trailers pop up off the ball and cause damage to tail gates and the back of trucks we switched to pintle hook type hitches. It takes a little getting used to feeling it move from inside the truck but it is much safer.
  4. little green guy

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    I've had a hitch like that and run em like that too.

    I hate balls, they are just a pain because of different size balls, and they are hard to inspect.

    I prefer pintal hitches, they are heavier duty, one size fits all and you can check they out just by glancing at them.
  5. fblandscape

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    I can't stand ball couplers for that reason and a few others. That is why I prefer all pintle rings / hooks.
  6. rvsuper

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    What are these pintle hitches you guys are talking about?? I've never heard of them???
  7. DLCS

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    I've never seen pintle hitches on utility trailers just on heavy equipment trailers. Does anyone run pintle hitches on their utility trailers?
  8. greenman

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  9. mtdman

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    About 4 years ago I kept feeling this rocking whenever I stopped or started. It went on for a few days and finally my partner and I got down and checked it out. Turned out the ball was working itself loose and was down to the last turn of the screw before it popped off totally. Freaked me out. Now I check it all the time.

  10. Phishook

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    If you want a heavier hitch, BullDog makes cast iron 2" ball couplers. They use these on all the live stock trailer I've seen.

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