check your oil!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnwizards, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. lawnwizards

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    just got hit with a $700 lesson today. my oil level was a little low, (the add level). today i was running it and BAM! it quits. I take it to my dealer and they break it apart and the oil was sludge. my warrenty wont cover because of negligence, even though the stick read that it had oil. so now i'm out $700 for a new motor. so please check and change your oil frequently. :waving:
  2. a a green

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    Ouch Sorry to hear about that. :dizzy:
  3. befnme

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    ouch!!!! sorry to hear that.i learned my lesson about 5 years ago or so i was helping my father in law on a sat run a scraper.he told me to go get 1 so i did without pretripping it first.i went about 300 yards toward him when he waved me down to shut it down.that just happened to be the one that the cat dealer had drained the oil out of but had not replaced it due to the time he worked until the night did i freak i know to check every morning before start up.never know when a rival will drain your oil out at night.
  4. GTLC

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    Yewp, had a POS briggs 16.5 HP seize on me a year ago, except, no, it wasn't abuse or negligence (even as Mobil 1 synthetic oil was always put in it, and changed frequently), the oil system lost pressure and the suddenly seized. Replaced under warranty.
  5. lawnwizards

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    Its hard to swallow knowing it was my own dumbass fault. I guess the dipstick isn't a good indicator of the actual level.... hard lesson learned.
  6. topsites

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    ... I keep trying to tell you people how I do things to save you the headaches and EVERYBODY always keeps dogging me because they say I'm wasting MONEY and their crap is as good or better than mine...

    Even without you saying it, I am CERTAIN you were running STANDARD oil. What I mean by standard is it was NOT synthetic or synth.blend because if it was, you would've REALLY been b!7ch1ng AND you would've said something about it... So, you were running a regular motor oil, likely in the 2-3 dollar/quart price range and it really doesn't matter if it was the BEST because the storebrand is just as good.

    What I learned after *I* locked up a thousand-dollar Kohler and had to replace it with a 600-dollar Briggs because I was strapped for cash - NEVER run a standard oil, doesn't matter what you think you are NOT saving money! Even if you do NOT forget to check the oil (don't worry, you will forget sooner or later), ALL it takes is you run that engine on an INCLINE (MANY yards have hills) and you STARVE the engine for oil and you will LOCK it UP!

    Thus, I run ONLY synthetic blend in my motors ALL the time: I check the oil maybe once/month, MAYBE it's a 1/2 quart low but I plain don't give a schitt because with synth.blend my motors are SAFE! I change my oil once/year (but I have TWO mowers and use both so with ONE mower you change oil twice/year) and I can DRAIN the oil and THEN RUN the motor FULL throttle for 20 minutes solid and BET it will NOT lock up! Granted, it isn't recommended you do this on PURPOSE but as a last resort, I can fairly guarantee it will survive.

    Now a lot of people get so uptight after this happens (you ain't the first and you ain't the last) they switch to full synthetic and that's fine (it's slightly better) but it costs 5 dollars/quart while I get synth.blend for $1.95/quart as I shop around until I find some on SALE and then I buy it ALL - I got over 100 quarts of the stuff, various grades - I can run my stuff low on oil for weeks AND forget to check it because synthetic is the BEST oil in the world, no standard oil can even pretend to protect my motor the way a synth does it.

    Whatever you do, whether it's synth.blend or full synth, I am sure you agree that running EITHER of those is FAR cheaper than replacing a motor. But if you disagree, then run standard oil as it is only a matter of time before you lock it up AGAIN (mark my words, you wouldn't be first and you're not the last one). No, I never locked up another motor, I learned my lesson on the first try and have been running synthetic blend since: My first motor locked up in my first year, I'm now in my 4th year and it has NEVER happened again and I really DO only check my oil whenever the hell I feel like it because I'm THAT confident.

    Only one thing: You HAVE to run standard oil in a brand-new motor until it's broken in, then switch to synth. This is because synth is too slick an oil and if you run it in a brand-new motor, the motor will never break in properly.

    Yes so maybe one day we tackle the high-octane fuel situation again but I am sure y'all ain't ready for that one, judging from my last post's responses.
  7. Grass Man

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    .... Sorry to hear about your misfortune :eek:. I try to make every effort to change my oil every 70 hours, including the filter :).

  8. mcwlandscaping

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    My chipper motor completely blew when a rod broke. It shot back and smashed the block in a million pieces. Don't know what caused it but my thoughts were on lack of oil, but am not sure. Sorry to hear about your $700 loss, good luck with it, deffinatly a wake up call to go check all my equipment oil levels!
  9. mkwl

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    Thge reason there is an ADD region on the dipstick, it so you ADD oil to the engine. You are NOT supposed to run the engine unless it is in the region between ADD and FULL.
  10. SunSwept

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    Real sorry to hear about that. I had an engine quit on me. I found a place called the Small Engine Warehouse. As it happens, the one that I needed was speacial priced that week. Got it for $399, including shipping.

    I hope that I am not offending anyone or breaking any rules by posting this:

    But they helped me and saved me about $500 compared to what the dealer wanted ... just for the engine. Maybe it will work out for you too.

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