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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by golftmann1, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. golftmann1

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    Bidding 58 yards of Red Hardwood, relatively flat, farthest haul is 250 ft. All wheel barrowed. 25 dwarf Loropetulam"s at 7.50 each for 3 gallon. Approx 21 hours to do job with a total of 3 people. My bid is $6,200.. What do you folks think? Thanks
  2. CTmower

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    My bid would be $5800 minimum just for the mulch installed. I'd then charge your cost of the the dwarf Loropetulams x's 3 to be installed (7.50 x 3 x 25= $562.50)

    Minimum total would be $6362.50

    Thats just me and I wasnt even figuring in the 2 other guys youll have working. What are you charging per man hour??? That will be taking away from your overall profit in the end!
  3. thackerlawncare

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    Seems high to me. I could never get $100 to spread a yard of mulch. We're closer to $60 here in Indy
  4. CTmower

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    And that's y I'm glad I don't live in Indy. I would never spread mulch for 60 a yard. Here mulch costs anywhere from 22-30. Add in delivery time, gas, labor to install, etc etc etc. Plus u said you'll have two other guys working as well. If you wanna work for free then go for it!!
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  5. MarcSmith

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    but with two other guys hes able to finish sooner and get on to the next profitable job... IE not be stuck on one job too long...and keep his other customers not waiting as long...

    I think you are looking at close to 30 hours for the mulch alone. as the first wheel barrow load is much faster than the one at the end of the day. 250 feet is a football field the 3 gallon plants are going to set you back a few hours as well.

    I would hire the mulch company to drop the mulch for me that way I can be on site with the guys and not have them screwing around while I'm getting the truck filled. so I'm saving on wear and tear, and fuel. any delivery costs I pass on to my client, marked up of course...

    Let say you mulch is 20 bucks a yard. you mark it up and resell to your client.

    your labor is lets say $50 an hour.

    so mulch marked up is $1900
    your labor is $50 X 30 $1500
    total for mulch is $3400 or 58 bucks a yard...installed...again depends on your market. some areas can go higher and some much lower...
    delivery= 300

    Plants installed and warranted are going to be $570 or 22 per plant.

    or a total of lets say $4500

    total expenses- mulch 1160 plants 190, labor...30 hours @ 15 per hour...450 and delivery 100

    gross profit $2600 real close to ideal

    Obviously if your market can bear more, then by all means.
  6. GrassIsGreenerLawnCare

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    i hear ya man! im in VA and i charge $38/yard for premo mulch and $25 a yard for labor/install. NO bed prep. I get the mulch for alot cheaper, so i still make a good profit, but nowhere close to 100 to spread a yard of mulch
  7. Cheffy

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    I try to get 80.00 / yrd and spreading . only do 3 or 4 jobs a year rest is mowing income, but when I do the mulch jobs I make money. Thats the way I like it .
  8. baddboygeorge

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    $6,800 cash ching ching!!

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