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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Father&Son, Jan 9, 2001.

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    F&S I didn't see what Bobcat you were comparing to but my new 773 has higher lift height 6",more lift capacity 250lbs. more machine weight 5697 compared to 5808lbs not to much but push and moving material it helps. A friend of my that also just bought a new 773, him and I both were at a equipment show and seen the CAT skid loader and we were not impressed w/ the machine in anyway, the way it was built wasn't as nice we didn't think. The service point of view didn't look as easy. Yes the Bobcat has one lift cylinder(they are bigger) but 2 tilt cylinders, the Bobcat also has a vertical lift path and none of the CAT loaders offered this(helps when loading trucks etc.) BUT the most important thing is if you are HAPPY w/ the new CAT that is all that matters. It shouldn't be to hard to find work, just let as many people you know, you own it and are not just renting it. Good luck.
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    Ok f&s you got the machine. now i've been thinking of those advertising magnets we talked about.Put CAT on them somewhere and some slogon like CAT ATTACK! or GROUND HOG! ETC. I'm still looking to buy a skid loader this year leaning toward new holland or bobcat 773. anyway the more toys in your toy box the more the other kids in the sand box are going to want to play with them. that's just my way of saying big boys like play with there toys and that sand box just gets bigger.

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    F&S-Congrats on the new toy!:) It should make you money if you live in a town that's not infested with cheap people;) LOL. I have to agree with TJG, not sure what Bobcat model you were comparing the Cat to, but Bobcat is a solid skid-steer brand. I guess if financing was a major factor in your purchase, I'd say you did great on that side of things. On the other hand, I don't know if you got the "best" machine out there. Cat makes great heavy equipment and they have for years but what some people don't understand is that they just started making skid-steers and their other compact equipment just a year ago. That's not a long time considering Bobcat has been making them for 40 years? I guess if you're happy with it, that's all that matters. You should get years of service from it. Good luck!

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