Checkmate Roller on a Stander??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by IMPACT, Aug 19, 2004.


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    Hey guys, I talked with Bob from Big League Lawns yesterday about fitting his roller onto a 48" Stander. It would seem with a little work it would fit. My question is this: Has anyone sucessfully fitted a Checkmate roller to a Stander? He said if I couldn't get it to work, as long as it was still in new, saleable condition, he would give me my $$ back. Any input or suggestions would be great, especially from Billy or Eric if you guys read this. Thanks

    Impact Landscaping

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    Bumpity, bump, bump...44 views and no Stander owners or replies??C'mon, now....:D
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    I run one on the back of my SuperZ and its great. With a set of extentions and the included adapters the unit should mount to most any mower. The only concern I'd have w/ a walk-behind or Stander would be the rear clearance when stepping off, etc. Hope this helps. Btw I looked at Standers when searching for my newest mower. How is it on slopes?

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    Yeah, I already thought about the issue of stepping over the roller to get on and off. I could live with a little inconvenience like that to have enhanced stripes.The only problem is there really is no place behind the mower other than the platform to mount the roller extensions. The Stander stripes pretty well, I just want more definition.As far as slopes, you'll read on here where people swear to have taken them on 35-45 degree hillsides, and that's not realistic. Depending on the terrain and grass type you are mowing, average / moderate slopes are no problem at all. I have had mine on some decent inclines and never felt unsafe, though.It just depends on operator skill and conditions as with any mower, but they are great machines.
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    I am currently fitting a big league kit on my stander as a prototype for Bob. Once we nail down the instructions and pieces that we need for a production kit, you should be able to get one for your stander. I will reply in about a week with my results and pictures.
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    Impact I built a stripping kits for my standers. PM me for some pics. I wouldn't try the rollers. Mine is a lot cheaper and works better. It almost appears to be stock.

    As for the hills, it depends greaty on your skill, your weight (the heavier the better), type of grass, how wet it is, etc.

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