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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Popper357, Nov 18, 2005.

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    This isnt done is it? None of the links work except for the email link for your name, which I would make a contact link instead. Im new to websites, but isnt the asp language more for higher end sites? Also, throw in some pics of your work. Someone here will also say that you have too many services listed.
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    No, it's just getting fired up. We are planning to add service desriptions and pics next week. My cousin built the site. I like his work very much
    He also built

    I may eliminate some services from the home page and apreciate your critique, Elite.

    Possibly add a background once I find something I like.
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    I think it looks fine for starters...

    I highly recommend checking into getting some kind of cgi-based script or some type of contact form that gets your email address OFF your web page. Not to scare you it won't happen right away but over time there will be address harvesting robots spidering your site for the sole purpose of gathering and then adding your email address to the usual lists they sell on the Internet to just about anyone (translation: SPAM).

    That, or do like your cousin did and use a throwaway / free address like you can get from Yahoo - Definitely get that ISP-based email address out of there if you plan on keeping it :)

    p.s.: never did get into active server pages, seems to suit you guys dandy.

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