Cheetah and Tiger Cat 2 testimonials wanted.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Doctare, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Doctare

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    That's interesting stuff. So 3 engines seperated by 6 hp on paper, but actually separated by 1 hp -- with one having a little more torque. That's a neat trick. Thanks for the info. My 850 is on a 60" 925A, which is 100+ lbs heavier than the Cheetah's I demo'd w/ the 29 efi, and still the Kaw pretty clearly (to me) feels like the stronger of the two, all ratings aside.
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    I've been wondering where he went.
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    Tiger cat series suffers from indenting crisis
    It’s essentially a compact mid sized mower they keep shoe horning a big deck and engine on.
    It has a terrible/unreliable underpinning/deck lift/Hoc System thats difficult to set right, breaks fairly easily is rarely accurate from the factory and is an all around POS.
    So you’re getting the velocity deck stapled to substandard everything else.
    IMO the tiger cub (which is what it really is) should be retired.
    I’m truly shocked they continued the line with a second generation with no real upgrades to speak of after introducing the cheetah...

    Scag keeps flooding their line up every decade or so
    Liberty , freedom, patriot, tiger cat, cheetah, turf tiger

    How about liberty, cub, cheetah, tiger
    Because that’s what they all really are

    I wouldn’t get the tiger cat if the cheetah is close in price
    It’d have to be at least 3 grand cheaper for it to be remotely worth thinking about buying the TC
  4. Doctare

    Doctare LawnSite Member
    from NW PA
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    I'm glad you brought that up because I've seen two different videos of guys saying they were having issues with both the deck belt and drive belt breaking every 150 hours or so. There's is obviously something wrong with the scheme of the mower if that is a thing. I appreciate the feedback. I wasn't really giving the TC2 strong consideration but I included it to see if someone would post something similar to what you just posted. That mower is out. Cheetah it is. Thanks again.

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