Chem Lawn out of biz

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  1. lets get togather and put Chemlawn out of biz


    with this web site we can get togather and start our own Chemlawn (Waterlawn) and do the apps correctly instead of high volume of accounts no chem in tank
  2. AndrewLawn

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    sounds good to me.......
  3. bubenberg

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    ase on past expierience i can tell that this company with their telephone marketing strategy is beating straied customers back into the fold BY ANY POSSIBLE METHODE (sometimes not very leagel or correct). their telephone marketing staff per location equates the applicator staff and at certain times is even greater. This is especially as they start a new season/fiscal /sales year. the sales staff that contacts the customer (by phone and later on possibly gives advice on the particular lawn) has very little education in agronomy and almost none have ever worked in any aspect of our business ...TODAY THEY SELL lawncare ....tomrrow the telemarket for a dating service or sell CIRCUS TICKETS. We could start to become a buying power by (as a group) contacting Lesco that is where Chemlawn buys alot of their products. At a later date we could explor how to locally (where ever we hang our shield) to buy via a national (our center ) to purchase the liquide products just like chemlawn does.
    Am not for unions eventhough i worked for quite a while in that system ... But a professional association/purchase power i would love to serve on and make my pc services available as far as i know how at no cost to the group.
    the percentages that some of the top producers and even lower managers of sucessful chemlawn branches are making are astronomical .... during my affiliation with them i saw a bonus check. the initial invest. was in the ten thousands eighteen month later that person received a check for close to a seven figure amount
  4. Bower's

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    I'm with you!

    MATTHEW LawnSite Senior Member
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    I worked there for 10 years. Now that I am on my own and
    having great results (1% cancel rate as opposed to their50%)
    I am going to target Tru-green Chemlawn exclusively for my
    new customers!:D
  6. HOMER

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    The time and energy your going to spend trying to put a company that size out of business is wasted time and energy. Take the same amount and turn it in on your business and see how you can improve it. If you can target their accounts and provide the service then go for it, putting them out of business is really stretching things a bit..................putting a dent in their business is still stretching it. Just concentrate on you and yours and be the best that you can be at what you do.
  7. Runner

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    I agree with Homer. There is just way too much work out there. Last year, for instance, Chemlawn did 25 MILLION dollars in Genessee County alone. It would be just too easy to get a piece of that pie without trying to focus on putting them out of business. As a lawn service, you could retain more customers easily by putting the care into it with optimum service. See, Chemlawn is NOT a lawn service. They are a MARKETING company that just found a market is all.
  8. lawn fertilize applicating is actulaly the cheapest (to get in to) and could be the most profitable part of this biz

    all you realy need is a $300 speader and the knowlage of applying fert. and herb. you can do it all granular or all liquid

    but I have found better resaults using granular fert. and liquid herb.

    yes I know it would actualy be a waist of time to try and put a billion dollar a year biz out of biz

    but if every one in lawn care especialy the ones on this site gets togather we could get the buying and selling power to put a big dent in their company

    all it would realy take is doing the apps. the proper way and letting the customers see the resaults that they would expect from pros

    every one in this biz and on this site is considered a pro if he or she does this for money (and some of us for fun to go with the money)

    marketing: what a better way to market how many members are on lawn site about 5000. that would be 5000 person marketing staff
    how many cities I have seen mostly the mid west to east coast. what a good start
    all you would have to do is move fert. up on your marketing statagy every one on this site markets lawn mowing
    out of all the services I provide fertilizing and spraying for weed is the most profitable and biggest revanue generator I have(not including landscaping instalations and retaining walls)

    in St. Louis there are hundreds of lawn maintenace companies as apposed to a few (maby 5 just fert. co.s) a lot of the LCO's offer fert but a big majority do not
    the one CO I don't see a fert. truck is Brickman

    I was one offered a big chain of stores to maintain Chemlawn did the fert and sub the rest out. I was bidding on it to take over all the work the fert, the mowing, etc... but Chemlawn had the price so low I would have been paying the chain store to work for them.
    it would cost me money to do the work. no ptofit and to go to over 100 locations in the area it was not worth it

    but any ways you see where I am coming from and where I want to go with this. It would take to much more to market the fert.

    fertilizing one employee can generate almost $150,000+ a year as apposed to 2 or 3 mowing

    when you guy put you fliers out or send contract don't forget to move the fert to the second thing you offer or even the first

    good luck every one LGF:D

    MATTHEW LawnSite Senior Member
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    Of course we cannot actually put them out of biz. I mean in my
    area alone they have 20,000 plus customers. If I could get a
    mere 400, I would be booked up and producing over $100,000.
    But one reason they lose so many customers is that many of
    the guys there think it is just fert and weed control. But when
    problems arise such as a disease or insect problem-many times
    it is overlooked by a guy doing the 100 yard dash across the
    lawn. We can offer a superior service by actually checking the
    lawns on our knees. You can't see billbugs and chinchbugs from
    6' up.
  10. summitgroundskeeping

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    don't get me started on Chem Lawn. They tell my customers the reason the have chem burns in their lawn is because I scalped it. When I drive down the road I can tell which house has Chem Lawn do it, because it looks like crap. I have several customers next to each other (reduced neighborly rate) and if I fert. one it is easily detectable who has Chem Lawn do theirs. They do such horrible jobs, why do people hire them? And then sign 2 year contracts? Lets go bomb some tankers.:angry:

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