Chemical and Fert company looking into Mowing...

Discussion in 'Lawn Care Business Management' started by Elite Turf, May 28, 2019.

  1. OP
    Elite Turf

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    Well that’s that!! I’m not going to waste my efforts on Mowing!! Thank you all!! That’s why I asked.
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  2. Mike NY

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    The only way I would even consider taking on mowing is if I had someone reliable, knowledgeable, and solo to subcontract to. Make my % for referral and paperwork.
  3. flashsmith

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    Why would you want to get into mowing? I retired at 46 three years ago as a CGCS because I was burnt out and the industry is full of degrees with not enough jobs to go around. Pay is the same as it was in the early 90s. Most homeowners don't care who cuts it no matter what credentials you have. Trust me.. You won't get a dime more because of your background vs. the guy with a big box store mower wearing a wife beater. Stick with what you have.
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  4. kemco

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    ^^^ this
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  5. Burnie

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    I know in Florida there is NO money in mowing. Down here they do it for wages, if that, I don't see how they stay in business. I looked at it and I won't do it for twice what they are charging here. Stick with fert/squirt, lots better money.
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    GRANTSKI LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I know I’m ct u have to report every single chemical app you spread to the state and limits / rules / regulations will only be getting more strict over time. I can see some states eventually banning lawn pesticides. Although homeowners are the main issue w over applying & applying wrong so they should really only let it be spread by licensed applicators imo.
  7. ETM

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    Don’t mow. Not worth it. I can’t wait till all ours fires us.
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  8. Rick Engasser

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    This is good advice, is there a mowing company you could collaborate with that needs applications that you could apply and they mow your customers to your standards?
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  9. ArTurf

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    To the OP. I understand your dilemma. All the apps and fert mean nothing without proper maintenance.

    Most people do the opposite of what your thinking, start out mowing and move to apps. This is how I evolved. I'm at the point I could do it but I know the yards I mow/manage would suffer. I'd also feel bad about abandoning customers that have been loyal to me. That being said I'm still thinking of an exit plan.

    Here is what you'll probably experience if you get into mowing. High overhead and low returns. Headaches finding keeping good employees. If a person's smart and has a good work ethic they're probably doing there own thing. Nothing others haven't already said.

    Another thing. I don't know how important irrigation is in your part of the world but in mine it's epic. If I'm going to turn a lawn around a properly designed AND managed system. I'll usually insist on control of the watering
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