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    Hey guys, I live in myrtle beach south carolina and the only place I can take the fert. and chemical test is hours away at clemson university. Anyone know how hard it is and how much the license costs? I looked up on clemson university and found a form to register for a fert. license and it goes by how much you put down in tonage and it starts at 100 and then speciality ferts and chemicals its 60 dollars each and you have to list what ones you use for the year. Anyone know what that is I will attach the link Thanks guys:)
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    Contact your local clemson extension office they are a world of help. If I remember correctly their is a test given in Conway and Florence. Playersc
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    Look in the Phone book for Horry County Extension Department. They will give you the info as Players mentioned. Or you could drive to Georgetown and speak with them. They are in Georgetown County but could give you the same info. the above link is not what you need.

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