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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by trooper8870, May 29, 2012.

  1. trooper8870

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    I notice alot of you guys do chemical and fertilizer applications. How hard is it to obtain these certificates in other states. Here in Tennessee, they have changed the requirements to require a 4 year degree in some type of agriculture course or turf management. Or you can be an applicator for someone else for 2 years and then you can apply to take the test after the person you have been working for signs off on a form stating you had worked for them. Why would they do that? You may take some of their accounts. I can't figure out why they have made it so difficult here to spray chemicals.
    You can put out fertilize with no other certificate. The State of Tennessee needs to go back and take a look at alot of guys in my area that have their licenses to spray. All they do is kill peoples yards and charge for services they don't do. One of my accounts had their yard treated last week and they showed me the invoice. What a joke!!! They charged her $62 for the app stated they used 25lbs or fert and 6 gals. of chemical to spot spray. I was next door working on a property and this guy was not there 15 minutes. He may have used 5lbs of fert and a gallon of spray from a 2 gallon sprayer. What a freaking joke!!
  2. herler

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    As things stand they don't want anyone spraying the stuff, they mean nobody.

    I am sure that is a big part of the reason why.

    To us it's no laughing matter, we report them.
  3. TNGrassCutter

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    Yea its dang near impossible to even qualify for the exam if you haven't worked for someone else or have a 4 year degree.
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  4. trooper8870

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    I may wrong, but I believe you can get a limited certificate to spray round up. But the test is the same one you take to apply for your charter to spray everything. I just don't get it!!
  5. TNGrassCutter

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    The LHA license lets you spray glyphosate only. It is just the core exam and questions over a gly label. To be chartered to spray everything you have to take the core exam, c3, and HLT exams.
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  6. charmill26

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    in nebraska all you have to do is take a general and turf&ornamental test. its extremely basic and doesnt really cover too much info. I wish it was a harder test and that someone actually went around and enforced it.
  7. dahammer

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    They did the same thing here in MS a few years ago. You even have to have a license to do landscaping here now, with the same requirements you mentioned, e.g. degree or 2 years experience verified by a licensed operator.
  8. zechstoker

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    I guess I got off easy since I work for a well established company that specializes in pest/weed control. I was sent to the EPA's office in Sacramento to take my Qualified Applicators Certificate exam. Just needed to get certified for the category of "maintenance gardener" to be legal for applying herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides for landscaped areas. Shortly after I took the exam and passed, they redid the exams, making them more difficult to pass. I'm sure their list of reasons for this is all valid with as many people getting certified who really shouldn't be as they can't follow laws, regulations, and labels.
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  9. LHS Lawns

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    Here in Maryland you have to work for a pest app company full time for a year or a four year degree in a related field to be even considered qualified to take the exam.

    The company has to sign a form stating you have worked for them.

    You have to take the core exam and whatever catagory you were certified to work under the previous company. As far as the degree I guess whatever the degree is in determines what catagories you can test on.

    You can't take the test on any catagory you want, you have to prove experience in a catagory.

    50 question core and 50 for each catagory.

    Maryland now has a new fertilize license you must have in order to spread fert commercially.

    They are working on training classes and the test for this Fall.
  10. trooper8870

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    Yeah you have to have the landscaping certificate in Tennessee as well. Costs about $200 per year and you have to list all nurseries and green houses you plan to buy from. I guess they use this information to check the nurseries and greenhouses that you buy from to make sure they have all the licenses and certificates to do that type of business.

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