Chemical Injection system instead of tank mixing?

Jason Rose

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I am concerned about tank mixing anymore, I don't do alot of spraying and only have a 100 gallon Lesco sprayer, however when I do spray I have the rinsate to deal with and I live in the city. There is always a few gallons of mix that dosn't get used in the bottom of the tank and I just don't know what to do with that and when I rinse my spray tank out. Plus the problems with only having a 100 gal. tank is that the thing is always running empty.

These are the reasons I am looking into a chemical injection system. Something like that will allow me to have nothing more than fresh water in my tank maybe with a Ph buffer in it if need be. No more worrying about extra material or running out half way through a large prop. I could just top off the tank whenever I needed to and dump the water at the end of the day to save the wear and tear on my truck and trailer.

The only injection system I have found is at It's a pretty cool set-up but quite expensive at $1,435. Basically all it is, is a dosatron injector (a small one) and some filters and a fancy stainless box. I assume it would take some pretty good math to accurately calculate the exact injection rate. That would be one thing that bugs me about it... switching chemicals would take some time to re-calibrate it each time where-as pouring a set amount of chemical in the tank is guaranteed to be the correct rate.

Another option is to just buy an injector of the same size for around $350 and a filter and just build a little box or stand for it and the chemical jug to sit in.

Does anyone here use a system like this or know anyone that does?? I would really like to try something better than tank mixing!

P.S. I usually only spray liquid formulations and am generally only spraying for broad-leaf weeds and some insect control. Fert is dry granular only though I'd love to try the Cleary's Nutri-Grow with Phosphite, as a add in with my broad-leaf spray.


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buy a permagreen and be done with the big tank.
i just yanked the big tank out of the truck from lack of use PG unit only has 8 gal tank so if u cant use it all due to wind etc
just put it into 5 gal buckets and no worrie


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I admire your progressive thinking, but I don't think the economics or hassle factor would support your investment. Calibration is a key issue. If you are only sporadically using the unit and switching chemicals often, I don't think you could use it with complete confidence. Its application has met cool reception by commercial ag where its use would be much more beneficial and possibly economical due to its ability to offer selective multi-chemical application choices in a single pass-over. But if you choose to pursue check out Spaying Systems inc. or Brothers Equipment for injector systems.

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