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Chemical license

Jim H

LawnSite Member
No. Georgia
Not sure if it is different in each state, but I just found out that I would need a license in the state of GA to dispense any kind of chemical application for commercial purposes, including things like Roundup.

1. Where would I go and how difficult is it to get a license?

2. How many of you sub. this out?


LawnSite Bronze Member
South Bend, IN
Just read the top post in this forum for licensing info.

Darryl G

I don't do pesticide applications, nor do I sub them.

Too much of a hassle with all the recordkeeping, licensing and storage requirements. Here in CT you need to be registered to even sub it out, and licensed if you're going to be advising the client on pesticide use.

I could be wrong, but from my read of the regulations here in CT, you need to be licensed to do it for hire. No license required if you do it for free though, unless it's a restricted use pesticide. ;)