Chemically treated sign = run over

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. americanlawn

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    Here is a pic of my front lawn today. Less than 24 hours ago, I did a weed & feed treatment. Both lawn flags were run over today by dozens of vehicles driven by people who were attending a local fire dept event across the street. Up to six vehicles at a time were parked on my front lawn (without permission). It is also a "No Parking Zone". (that's my Z71 Avalanche in the foreground in case you wondered). I would glady have allowed people to park on my "concrete" parking -- especially cuz we had an inch of rain overnight.

    Keep in mind that I have complained for over three years regarding cars/trucks/vans/ and SUV's driving on my lawn............and the Polk County Sheriff department has NEVER enforced the 'no parking' law here, even though it's "posted".?????

    Any comments? Any answers?

    park on my lawn.jpg
  2. ampeg76

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    i'd say they have the freedom to be a a$$hole:)

    lots of people with no respect whatsoever
  3. grandview (2006)

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    It's your fault that you didn't put enough parking on the side of the road for them!:laugh:

    People park on my lawn when the neighbor has a party never really thought about it.
  4. bif

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    What I've done is to put perimeter posts (with reflective tops) up along the front (roadside) edge of my lawn. I've spaced them close enough that a car can't get on the lawn. Additionally, I've also driven rebar (about 30") into the ground, leaving about 16" above ground, the rebar is spaced in between the perimeter markers. The markers are available at home depot or lowes for less than $2 each. I've never had a problem since.

    fyi...some folks say that the rebar is a liability issue.

    good luck,

  5. DiyDave

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    whether you want to fix ruts/damage, or trim around posts or obstacles. I live on a country road, just after it narrows down from a 4 lane to a 2 lane. Idiots from all over the country come into my narrow driveway, just so they can turn around, cause they're lost. I put about 10 big ugly sandstone rocks on 1 side, and some concrete lintles (4 x 6's) on the other side. Then they ran over the paperbox on a metal fencepost. After we put it back up again, I made a tank trap style ornament out of used lawnmower blades, and chained it to the paperbox. I'm hoping to find an oil pan attached to it sometime in the future!:clapping: :clapping:
  6. d&rlawncare

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    if they were parked on my front lawn I would have turned the sprinklers on, blocked them all in with my vehicles and went for a long walk. Either that or a $50 park here sign out front. With the bottom saying...You Park....You pay
  7. cantoo

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    I would be careful of complaining for the fire department events. You might have a fire someday and they would get "lost" going to your house. This is likey a yearly event for them so I would just talk to the Chief before the event and just put posts up for that day so they have to park on the pavement.
    PS you might want to remind your insurance company how close you live to the fire hall. I have a customer would gets a discount on his rate because the fire hydrant is at the corner of his property and it makes for a quicker response time. I had never heard of it until he asked to borrow my measuring wheel to measure it.
  8. Frank Fescue

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    be tough for them to get "lost" when they're across the street.
  9. americanlawn

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    Thanks VERY much all ---- I told the wife I was getting my paintball gun out, but she warned me not I didn't. This was the annual "Ice Cream Social" -- they have several others, like pancake breakfasts, etc. After an inch of rain, I now see ruts and litter, and it does not make me happy.

    What I don't get is "parking is prohibited" on both sides of my street for several why no enforcement??? Like I mentioned, I have called the County Sheriff Dept to enforce the ordinance 3 years in a row! (I gave up this year). Polk County Sheriiff's Dept is responsible for my street cuz I live outside of Des Moines city limits (Des Moines P.D.) and 1/2 block away from a State Highway (State Patrol).

    Now I'm thinking (rare) but maybe I will not mow or treat this frontage of my beautiful two-acre lawn from now on. I did my part in the past, cuz my lawn looks great compared to all my neighbors' lawns. And NO MORE "donations" to my county 'share-if's?' department as well.

    Please give more feedback if you have a chance. Thanks very much, cuz "driving on my lawn" is a pet peave of mine (and probably yours too). Again, thanks for the input (humor is always welcome too)
  10. indyturf

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    I cant believe people are so rude and inconsiderate some time:dizzy:
    Around here people pay big bucks to park in peoples front yard's during the Indy 500 or Brickyard. IMO they probably do more damage to the lawn than the few hundred $$ they made race weekend!
    I would rope off the area and have your own open house the same days as these events are scheduled! it might be a good marketing idea with all the traffic.

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