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    I saw a guy today fertilizing trees with a ChemLance. ( I was next door doing a lawn care estimate ). The tree applicator held the ChemLance "in one hand" and was "plopping it down for merely a split second" as we walked around. From what I saw, the lance did not penetrate more than one inch.

    Now I even wonder if he was even using fertilizer --

    I watched him for a bit while he fertilized 3 maple trees. Diameter of each tree was about 600 s/f. Only about 8 injections per tree.

    I do not like posting negative stuff, but what I saw today really made me mad. The customer was not home either. BTW it was a mature landscape with decent soil.

    Being an old ChemScape guy since the late 70's, I know what should have been done or not have been done.

    From the above description, most folks can guess which National company was involved.

    Question: Has anybody else seen this kind of ripoff?

    rscsvp, thanks :eek:
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    Improper training is what this sounds like. Or like you mentioned someone trying to make some quick money. What he doesn't realize is that neighbors may be watching and see what hes doing. Most are knowledgeable enough by having the service done correctly on their properties by professional company's to notice whats happening. It takes along time to get a good reputation and only seconds to destroy it by having an employee cut corners. The public is always watching. Always be on your best game!
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    INDEED! And yes I can. It sounds like he had a production quota to hit. Its common with most of the big firms. Either a minimum $$ amount and/or minimum # of stops that he has to hit per day.:confused:
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    The best story I ever heard was a customer now mine, saw the C lawn guy pull up throw a fist full of fert prills up his driveway, flag it, hang the slip and screw...
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