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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kevin85, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. kevin85

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    I called for a price for Chemlawn to treat my lawn. I have approximately 2-2.5 acres that I cut. The salesman wanted to give me a price over the phone. I told him to come out and measure because his price seemed way too low. He comes out to measure but did not knock on the door to let us know anything. Anyway, he calls with a price of $135 which is less than I can do it for. I waited a few days and the price came down to $115. I jumped at that.

    After two weeks the guy comes out to spray weed and feed. When I go to talk to him he says, "I don't have to do all of this do I?" I told him that the salesman gave me a price for the whole lawn. He told me the salesman said he would be treating 30,000 square feet. He was a good guy and did the whole lawn, but said he was going to talk to the salesman because the job was close to 100,00 sqare feet. Needless to say, the salesman called me back and told me that he misjudged my property lines and could not treat my lawn again for that price. The new price he quoted me was $240. After much discussion, I told him to forget it.

    I don't know how he could have misjudged my lot. My stripes go from my house all the way to my property line. He said he thought I lived next to a vacant lot. I asked him if he thought I would plant white pines, cut the lawn on, and maintain a half acre pond if it was just part of a "vacant lot." He said he just assumed my property ended in the middle of the lawn!!! Some people are just idiots.

    Sorry this was so long, but I needed to vent. I should have listened to all the posts before about Chemlawn. The only good that came out of this is that my clover is already starting to curl.:D

    Now I need to find another company that will give me a reasonable price.
  2. fcl01

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    you should've argued to the top. they would've honored the price if you bi&^hed enough
  3. olderthandirt

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    yep if you signed a contract they have to honor it

  4. kevin85

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    I argued for quite some time and told him that I had a contract that said they would do two apps for that price. He said they WOULD come back but would only treat 30,000 square feet as it said on the contract. He apologized and said he wished there was something he could do. I told him to come treat my lawn as he said he would. He said he couldn't do that. Man, I get more pissed every time I write more about it.
  5. Premo Services

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    Yea, they might have made the price good, but you are a lot better off with someone else anyways. I would rather let the weeds grow.
  6. LawnBoy89

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    Chemlawn is messed up though. My dad had them come over for a couple treatments, but once you have them do one thing they keep calling, ALL THE TIME. This happened to my friend too. There is a point where it just has to stop.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    My brother in law had Chemlawn one year in Georgia. They kept coming and doing treatments for a year and a half after he cancelled. And its not like he didnt' call, write letters and so forth until he was blue in the face. Finally he threatened to prosecute them for trespassing violations if they showed up again. Funny thing was, they never bugged him for payments, just kept showing up and working for free.
  8. Tharrell

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    The salesman had to meet his quota, seriously. Orkin is like that. When a company I worked for was bought by them I inherited some bad accounts from them to include on my route. They had nonpayers but wouldn't take them off the books because it made the numbers look bad. I guess it was better to show delinquents rather than lost accounts. They also have a minimum rate card because salesmen are notorious for selling anything at the last minute to meet their quotas and keep their jobs. Their minimum rates were a joke. That's the reason they bought our company, to get all the high priced clientel. They lost most of them for the same reasons they couldn't get them in the first place.
  9. Runner

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    Tharrell just hit the nail on the head! That salesman didn't "misjudge" your property line he made the SALE! This happens all the time, and these poor hose-jockeys get out of the truck to do a $90 acre, and stare down an acre and a half or so. See, they have to do THEIR quota, which is $1100. a day around here. This could be 12 acres on one day, or it could be 16 acres on Wednesday. Many of times now though, these applicators are saying "nuts to this"! They go back and say the sale was measured wrong. When the new price comes out, they used to just eat it, and make a credit correction on the applicators route. Now, if it's caught early, they will do these tactics like stated above, and nip it in the bud. If you cancel the service, it doesn't matter, because they will be calling you back and wiling to do it for the original price, anuway. Watch and see, and MARK THIS THREAD, because it WILL happen. The manager will have this account tagged as a potential, and there will be a slow time soon enough - that he will call.
    As far as the other replies about them coming back even after they are cancelled, they do this all the time, and still collect on it many of times. They even spray people that AREN'T signed up and collect their monies. They prey on old people for this type of tactic, though. It's called strong arm sales.
    Remember, they are NOT a lawn company,...they are a MARKETING company.
  10. Randy Scott

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    Umm, $240 for 2.5 acres is reasonable. I'd be doing it for more than that.

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