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    i've been on this site enough to notice how much everyone complains about these people. i had my first experience yesterday.

    When i got home from work yesterday, i noticed salesman in our neighborhood. They were about 5 or 6 houses down from my house. Well, half an hour later or so, i had decided they were going to miss my doorbell. And, then it rang. CLTG. going door to door offering to spray anyone's entire yard for $35. I have about 10-12000 square feet, which everyone else would be charging about $60 for in my area.

    I told him I owned my own lawn care company and didn't need his service but that there was no way that I could spray my neighbors lawns at that price. He said, that they couldn't either, but since they were having to drive an hour and a half for that market, they needed as many customers as they could get. They must have been signing people up left and right because it took 30 minutes for 5 houses. MAKES ME SICK!!!!!!!!
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    thats how they do it sell it cheap then only spray it 3 or 4 times a year and charge them for 7 apps. I have watched to mant tgcl techs do this to be an accident
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    And that is why they have a BAD reputation & will soon be "out of business" will soon catch up to them as it always does and then >>> Bye Bye :clapping:

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