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    Years ago I did a good bit of lawn care for mostly "high end" accounts. It was not my own business, I was a laborer. I did that for about 10 years. I have recently purchased a Cub Cadet 48" WB, trailer, trimmer, and BP blower. I am in the Chesterfield VA area. This will be part time to supplement my full time income. Call me a weekend warrior if you want, but I have experience and decent equipment. I am licensed and will likely be insured by the end of today. My other reason for doing this is I miss being out there in the sun. My current job I work 6pm to 6am, so I don't see much sun! Ask my legs. If there are any others in my area, let me know. I will even take those PITA customers off your back if you'd like. I don't mind dealing with them, I do it for a full time living. I have PM'ed a few in the area, but am wondering if there are any others. I would glady return any favors. Take care and I look forward to being a productive member of this board, which until now I used a few times in reference to my own home lawn reno. Which came out pretty darn good.

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