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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by jbailey52, Mar 16, 2008.

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    Hello everyone.. I have a question on a new technique I have never done before. We are going to be doing a couple pillars out of the ep henry veneer chestnut hill brick. I can not find any literature on the installation. Can someone help? Basically I am looking to see what size block to use under the stone veneer, and all of that. Im thinking the dimensions of the pillar have to be in certain increments so that the veneer fit corner to corner? No?

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    Usually veneer is no set pattern you just want the pillars to be at least 30" that way your corners aren't too close together. Go to a masonry yard and they will help you out. You need to pour a pad, then block it up, scratch coat the block, then mortar the cultured stone on, then mortar the gaps. Go to home depot and by a masonary book.
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    FYI they had FREE install classes at MAHTS in Atlantic City last month. But if you're asking a question like what kind of block/dimensions should you use... should you be charging someone for a "professional" installation when they're being guinea pigs? I reccommend trying the veneer at your shop (ex. make a sample board of veneer for sales) first, then moving on from there. Pillars should be built of cinder block on a footer! They're the easiest possible hardscape construction. Poor installs give the industry a bad rep... Why not take a FREEEEEE class to educate yourself on your trade?

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