Chevy 2500 HD Intergrated Brake Controller problem

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by The Pond Boy, Jun 14, 2009.

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    I have a Silverado 2500 Diesel from 2008 and have again problems with the intergrated brake controllor. It started in Match 2009, got a message in the display, went to the dealer and they replaced the board. Now are the brakes from my trailer not good working. I went with the trailer to the garage to get it cerified and they replave the shoes and drums. I picked it up and empty I can't block the brakes when I brake full on maximun brake. Went back and they adjusted the brakes but still the same. They told me to go to the dealer to check the intergrated brake controller. I did and they are putting it on the scanner and they are saying no problem, it is working fine. They agree thet the brakes are not working fine. Went to another trailer service garage and they replace the magnetics of the brakes and I have a litle better brakes, but still not enough to carry a full load. Did some research on the web and found out that GM had problems with the Intergrated Brake Controllers in the 2007-2008 Silverado's but didn't have a solution in March 2008.
    Any other people also the same problem?

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    Knock on wood... mine is great. Only problem was when i blew a fuse on the controller and had service trailer brakes on the dash and brakes did not work at all. All is good now. Love the truck.
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    Electric drum brakes suck!

    Mine are malfunctioning more often than they are working properly.

    I started a thread about it; I'm planning to move to electric over hydraulic disc brakes by the end of the summer.

    With the standard electric drums, it is always something. Fix the wiring, and the shoes are worn. Replace the shoes, and the magnets are worn out, or one of them is shorted out, and you have to trace around under the trailer with a meter, cutting wires until you find the shorted magnet. Adjust them, and they need adjusting again in two weeks. Constant hassle, constant bullsh1t. I can't wait to get something better!

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