Chevy 2500 vs Ford F250


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I know we have had this one before but I am looking to get a new truck next year for pulling more equipment and I will also be getting into snow plowing. I am currently using a Chevy 1500 and really like it, but it does not have 4WD and it has the little 4.3 litre V6. I would prefer to stick with Chevy and was looking to upgrade to the 2500 with 4WD but I would also go for an F250. I was wondering if any of you would have any opinions or preferances between the two. I am not looking to go brand new, probably between 1992 and 1997. What do you think?


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I HAD a 94 ford f250. Had soooo many problems with it. I traded it in on a 2000 chevy 25000hd 454!!! I'm much happier now. YOu would be srprised at the prices of new trucks. Mine listed for 26k, I got it for 21k. Maybe you should look at a new one.

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If you are buying used,definetely a Chevy,they just last longer.Fords arent bad,but GM's hold up to time and wear better for the most part,especially the V8 vortec engines,they run great,and all GM's are easy to do tune-ups and minor maintance on.Try working on a Ford 302 or 351 with that huge intake manifold,replacing valve cover gaskets or intake gaskets is an all day job,for a pro.If you need proof as to who makes the better truck,book them both.similarly equipped on any used car site,thew GM gets much better resale.


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well i bought a new ford f-250 extended cab xlt in june. At the time i really couldnt decide between that and the equivelant chevy 2500. The price was just about exact.... both had power to spare and drove nice.... I finally got my dealer to arange for us to drive the ford up to there chevy dealer so i could put them next to each other and make up my mind. The interior of the chevy was definitly nicer that the ford (had more bells and wistles). The outside of the ford i thought was a whole lot nicer looking than the chevy. the ford stood much higher and just looked awsome. right then and there i decided wanted the ford and signed the papers that day. I have now been driving it for 6 months and am very happy with it. My only dislikes are its pitiful gas mileage wich i expected and its VERY wide turning raduis. Its a great truck though and can pull a house!


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Ive had both and i prefer gm hands down. Ford just doesent build the same quality that GM does. GM all the way for me. Ford makes their front axles and frames strong but gm makes them strong and durable. They take a beating and still give ta much better ride. Comfort is king for me. The more i drive the more it matters.



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Why would you want a truck higher off the ground??
The fords door height & bumpers are higher off the ground, but actual ground clearance difference is very little.

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