Chevy 2500HD Transfer Case

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by JPsDuramax, Aug 10, 2010.

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    So the other day I was at a job and I saw some oil dripping from bottom side of the DMax. I crawled up under the truck and first noticed the rear differential leaking. I figured it was a simple fix but then I looked a little further and realized that there was a shine on the front of the fuel tank. The transfer case was leaking.

    I took it to the dealer and they found that the pump had worn a hole in the side of the transfer case! This is a known problem apparently but GM won't recall it. Oh well, guess I'm stuck paying the $2100 bill. Just wanted to vent a little, its been the only major issue on the truck so far...knock on wood.
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    yep it is a very common problem. Junkyards get about 800-$1k for a used one if you wanted to go that route. I also think there is a fix out there for ones that have started to wear, but are not wore through yet. I think its just a thrust washer possibly.
  3. JPsDuramax

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    I thought about the used one but then I would still have to install it. And there was an actual hole in the unit so it was screwed. Oh well, just got to do what you got to do to stay in the game.
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    If you catch it b4 the T-case is junk you only have to replace the rear case half and get the a new wear clip for the pump. I did mine for about $350 about 2 years ago. I would quit landscaping and do transfer case fixes if I was getting $2100. I think it only took me 5 hours to do and I took my time.
  5. JPsDuramax

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    Unfortunatly I have been busy enough not to have time to fix it myself. The part for the truck alone was $1450. The labor ended up being only $400. Their original estimate was a little high. They ended up having to replace the rear seal, rotate and balance, and do a power steering flush. Total ended up being 2287. The only sad part was the hole in the case was litteraly a pin prick.
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    OOOOOMMMMGGGG (oh my gosh!)
    I just had this happen to me a few days ago!
    I was gonna take it from MI to Alabama got to ann arbor and was hearing something like a belt or something/ i high pitch squeel every other 1/2 mile took it to the shop they said 2000 for a new one took it to my buddy who has a auto shop got a new/ reconditioned case from flint somewhere for $700 come with a warranty too all together labor and everything payed $1k

    im not to mad about it knowing that it was supposed to cost 2-3k

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