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    I just priced a 2003 4500 w/8.1 litter gas motor. The dealer had a 12' dump bed installed. I need some input if any of you have one of these trucks. 1st- after a 2500.00 rebate I can get the truck for 31500.00 is this a good price? Next would it be worth the extra money to purchase the diesel motor? The way gas and diesel prices are going up the diesel cost more money than the 87 oct., so fuel price is not going to be a factor. Is the diesel going to save me enough on fuel for the extra money up front? I know that the diesel is going to get a little better mileage, but in a big truck like this is it going to be all that much better?
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    Post this in the Truck forum you will get a better response.:)
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    From my experience with big V8's and diesels, you will likely get double the fuel milage with the diesel engine. It could even be better than that when hauling a big load. If you are going to put a lot of miles on the truck, or keep it a long time, then diesel is the way to go. Resale will be a lot higher on that size truck if it has a diesel in it also. :)
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    I hope you can charge enough money per hour to make up for the fuel you are going to burn the 8.1 is going suck it down fast the idea the bigger the engine less it has to work isn't true. A gas engine burns alot of fuel no matter its size in a heavy truck the diesel option in the 4500 is the Duramax.

    Personally I wouldn't buy a 4500 I think a F-450 Ford can pack more weight and more user friendly to drive Chevys idea with this trucks is whacko. If you need to haul more look at buying a 4700 International lowpro atleast you get the option to get 466 power and get good fuel mileage and carry more weight.

    I think you won't beable to justify the truck with the gas pot engine especially if you work this truck everyday my previous truck 88 F-Superduty (F-450) it was powered by a 460 gas I got 4-6 mpg. I got rid of it got a 89 F-Superduty I'am looking at 10 mpg its not much but heck I'am not filling the truck up everyday my gas pot used to cost me 14-100 dollars a day to operate.
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    Just curious, do you have proof that a 450 can haul more than a 4500? I'd like to see the specs.
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    And lets see you pick up a F450 for $31500
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    the 4500 has a GVW rating of 16,000 lbs, which i think is the same as the 450 is. I have looked at the 4500 personally, and it seems like a pretty sturdy truck. I know for a fact that it can make a heck of a lot sharper turn than a 450. Don't get me wrong, i think the 450 is a stout truck, too.
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    The biggest problem with the 4500 is the DOT can spot that thing a mile away there is no way you can sneak around town in areas that larger trucks are not supposed to go with the Chev. Where I live any truck with a gvw heavier than 12,000lbs has to stop at brake checks and scales with a 450 you can sneak by because from a distance its looks like a 350. You try pass scales with a 4500 with a load on the DOT will come chase you and give you a fine for not stopping you would never get away with parking a 4500 on a residential street over night.

    I don't see many sales are going to happen with the 4500 and 5500 especially with RVers and people that use their truck for a daily driver as well as work.

    I would like to know the tare weight of a 4500 with a 12x8 dumping stake bed on it I bet its really high and doesn't leave you much legal payload.
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    There is no doubt that the 8.1 will be hard on gas. The deisel option while cost less to operate and resale better but you'll add $4500 to the purchase price. I don't buy into the "by passing the scales thing". If your driving a Ford 450 or 550 with logos pulling a loaded equipment trailer your not going to by pass the scales at least not here. The same truck pulling an RV would have no problem. The key is one is commerical the other is not. The roving DOT scales here mandate commercial vehicles over 26000K GVW and you have to pull over for them. The permenent scales just say commercial vehicles must pull in. My experience is if I am in my 3500 and I look commerical (pulling equipment) I pull in. If I am empty I don't and I don't get hassled. Although the 4500's look bigger the DOT guys know what they are just as we do. I agree DOT sucks but I don't plan my vehicle purchases around them. Also I doubt there is much difference between the TARE weight of either vehicles that are equipped similar.
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    I think the 4500 with the diesel is actually a better option if you are going to be doing a lot of hauling and towing. Our company just purchased one with the diesel option. It is far superior in hauling than the 450. Out of out fleet of 32 vehicles 2 are 450's with diesel and one 4500 with the diesel option. The 450's are nice trucks but they just don't do it for what we use them for. We pull a mini excavator for our excavation division. The excavation division had the newer of the two 450's and they just got assigned the 4500 for their new truck. They have worked with both and they are converted to the 4500. they say although it is onlt 1000lb. higher GVWR the 4500 carries the weight better. Both trucks have 9ft. boxes so the size is the same. The best thing they like is the manuverablity in tigh spaces, it turns sharper than my 3500 does. Next one needs to be a 12ft box. Visiblity is good too in the 4500. I hope this helps you some.

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