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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by The Rock, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. The Rock

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    I have heard that this Chevy motor is junk. I just talked to my mechanic and he said that Chevy has discontinued it. They go through head gaskets and injectors need to be changed out around 100K. Chevy recommends this but doesn't't broadcast it. "This motor is junk top to bottom" he said. Anybody have any experience with these?:drinkup:
  2. Brickman

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    Personally my opinion of this motor is that they are just like you said, "pure junk". But on the other hand there are a few people that have had good sucess with this motor, but they are very few and far between.

    I would not buy a truck with this motor. I would consider a Chebie with a gasser but never that diesel.

    A lot of people throw stones at the PSD engine and call it a throw away motor. How ever the 5.7L, the sick.2L and this sick.5L were the real throw away motors. One good point for these motors is they seemed to do good on MPG but short on power.
  3. pottstim

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    My dad works for a zinc mining company. At one mine he worked for, they had 2 '86 Chevys, 1 1990, and 2 '92's. They all had the 6.2 Diesel, which was the predecessor to the 6.5 Turbo Diesel. The 6.2 was not a turbo charged engine. They had good luck with these engines and never had any trouble out of them. Dad's '86 truck still ran good in '96 when the mine closed. He had 2 leaky injectors, but everything else was in good working order. The mine he works for now has a '96 Chevy with the 6.5, and they have had a lot of trouble with this engine. It has gone through injector pumps and has had problems with oil leaks. When the 6.5 debuted in 1992, it had a mechanical injection pump. For the '94 model year, they switched to electronic fuel injection, and that's where their major problems started. In '97, the engine went through some major revisions in the fuel system and cooling system. From my understanding, it made it a much better engine. There were still some problems though, but not as serious as what went on with the 94-96 trucks. If i had 2 trucks sitting in front of me, and one was a 6.5, while the other was the 6.2...I think i'd choose the 6.2 even though it puts out less power. Dad's experiences at work have proven it to be a decent engine. Just don't expect to win any drag races with one..they are sloooooowwww. The early 6.2's from '82-84 had head gasket problems, but after that time period they got that ironed out.
  4. Mowingman

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    The 6.5 turbo diesel was the good Chevy diesel in my opinion. Only problem they had was bad fuel injector pumps. Chevy extended the warranty on the pumps, and replaced them with an upgraded pump. I have owned two of the 6.5's. One had over 250,000 miles when I sold it, and it was still going strong. If I needed another 3/4 or 1 ton diesel truck, I would buy another 6.5 without hesitation.:)
  5. joed

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    Opinions on the 6.5 diesel vary and are usually based on people's experiences with them. From what I understand, the earlier versions (92-97) had some major issues, especially with the electronic fuel injection pumps. Thus, the motors built in that time period should be approached with caution. However, from 1998 onward, many of the problems were solved and the motors built in this time period seem to be quite good. Are they as good as a Cummins or Powerstroke...probally not.
  6. grshppr

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    I've got a 93 Chev with the 6.5 L. Its a great engine , but like the others said the injector pump, and head gaskets are a problem. These are the only two things I've done to the truck. I bought it with 170,000 and it now almost has 300,000 km on it and runs great. Good oil pressure and power still.

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