Chevy 8.1L Gasser

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by POPO4995, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. POPO4995

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    Does anyone have a 2003-current 8.1L Vortec V-8 and Allison transmission in a 2500HD? I was wondering what the gas mileage is for them..??:confused:

    The other day, I talked with a guy that helped design the engine and he said they are damn close to bulletproof. In his opinion, working on engines all his life, was the 8.1L was the best engine ever put in a truck...:usflag:
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    A friend of mine had an 03 ext cad 2500hd with the 8.1 in it. He said it trailered and plowed great, tons of power but it took tons of gas. I had a 04 2500hd with a 6 liter and get around 8-12 depending on what i am doing with it.
  3. exmark1

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    Bulletproof ;) hahaha! Ya right I had one with 70,000 miles that used a quart of oil every 300 miles. I know of 3 others around this area that have had the same problem! I finally gave up on and now drive a diesel Dodge!
  4. Lawn Masters

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    I dont understand WHY people are still making thise huge displacment gassers when there are diesels that can make the same power, more efficiently.
    I just dont get it.
  5. montana jack

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    I heard the 8.1 was a powerful engine but was prone to burn oil. I think the V10 Ford is a better choice, so much so I just bought one today. As far as diesels go, they are in an evolving state until this USLD fuel thing shakes out. All three manufacturers are making big changes to their diesels for MY08 & probably again in MY10. With the $5,300 additional cost of the engine, the extra mintenance required, reliability concerns and at least 40 cents a gal more for fuel than regular unleaded, you would have to tow very heavy, very long to justify the expense.

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    I dont understand WHY people are still making thise huge displacment gassers

    Very easy answer. The big bore engines are doubling as marine engines. The 8.1 liter GM engine is what is called the 505 cubic inch, 500 horsepower marine engine. I had 3 of them in a Fountain we ran for a while.

    The V-10 from both manufacturers, Chrysler and Ford was designed for a Class 5-6 semi tractor to run propane. Chrysler started it with an entire Roadway express terminal in Tennessee running V-10 dodges in Ford bubble nosed tractors on LP gas. Then Ford jumped on it because they saw no reason Chrysler engines should be mounted in their trucks. When they made the switch, Roadway switched to Fruitliner trucks with Chrysler engines which left Ford with an engine and no where to put it, so, in to the pick up trucks they went. I'm not aware of any Ford powered class 5-6 trucks with v-10's, I do know Chrysler started it. It is a way the manufacturer gets a double bang for the buck.

    Personally, I go diesel. I don't care about milage, I don't care about economy. What concerns me is the steady flow of power and torque needed to pull our loads through the mountain passes without dropping down into granny gear. If you don't have alot of steep grades, a Gasser would work just fine, not to mention sound cool as heck when you add headers and a cam.
  7. chriscraft

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    I dont worry about the milage either , we run a 77 silverad0 1/2 ton 350/ 300 hp and a 84 siverado 1 ton HD 454 and an 86 silverado 383 stroker 10" tunnel ram Dual quad holley 450 cfm blower scoop thru the hood 4:56 DTS rear end 450 hp 505 lbs torque 2,800 B&M stall but the last one is my personal truck ( it tows a trailer by the way and gets to the job fast) I like em old and fast They are running bill boards
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