Chevy, Ford, or Dodge

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by "Ground Control", Aug 15, 2006.

  1. lawnboy dan

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    the early 90,s chevys had their share of trans problems but they seem to have corrected them.
  2. lawn guy1350

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    FORD FORD FORD!!! I HAVE A DODGE NOW AND WHILE IT LOOKS GOOD AND FUN TO DRIVE, IT GETS CRAP MILEAGE AND ITS BEEN FALLIN APART SINCE THE DAY I BOUGHT IT! AND I BOUGHT IT BRAND NEW! i test drove an 04 chevy duramax, pulled my trailer with it and laughed! my moms mercury mountaineer pulls my trailer better than that duramax! after i get this dodge paid down more, its goin to be sittin on the used lot at the ford dealer!
  3. lafd04

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    well my 96 dodge was junk. worst mistake ever. my dads duramax was awsome. Then the water pump went and filled the motor with coolant. Be a long time before I see another bow tie, but damn it rode sweet. Love my ford and the other fords I had. 2 friends have had toyotas, both tundra's. They liked them. I had to drop a fork lift off at a sister dealership so they can move the 2 pallets of toyota parts that where being sent to where ever. I find that anyone who claims that import cars are the best thing since sliced bread just take so much crap from thier friends for not buying american that they have very very very short term memories when it comes to service.
  4. fiveoboy01

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    Well I am a Ford guy and always have been. That is my pick. JMO though. I think that GM makes a good truck.

    Personally I have not heard the best things about Dodge, but I have little personal experience to verify that.

    Too bad Dodge has a stranglehold on the Cummins motor. Best diesel in a light pickup ever, with the 7.3 a close second.

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