Chevy/Isuzu W4/what are these switches for????

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by vntgrcr, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. vntgrcr

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    Hey Guys, On my continuing list of inane questions about my 95 W4 Cabover turbo deisel dump, there are three switches I can not figure out what they do? The first is if you pull up on the wiper switch, a green light comes on the dash that looks like a driving lite symbol, but not really. Second is a rocker above what would be the choke on the left of the steering wheel. Has a light symbol, but nothing happens.Thirdly, there is a push button next to the flasher button with an engine diagram and what looks like a heater element on it. The indicator lite comes on once the truck is running. I thought glow plugs, but that symbol comes up in the dash automatically when you turn the key on.
    Also, this thing really belches smoke and coughs when cold. After about 3-5 min. it clears up and hardly smokes at all. Could this be old injectors leaking down and putting fuel on top of the pistons, hence flooding when cold? A local diesel mechanic told me to dump 3 cans of 911, what ever that is and that should clean it right out. Sounds a little scary to me though. Thanks for any help. I don't have any of these problems with my Dodge/Cummins combo!
  2. gene gls

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    My Mitsi has a Power Mode - Economy switch.When in the power mode it knocks the auto tranny down by about 1/2 gear. It also has an engin heater switch. Start the engin and pull the fast idle knob and adjust to 1000 RPM and switch the engin heater on and it redirects the exaust back through the engin to speed up the warming of the engin. My 4 way flashers come on when I pull up my wipper lever. The 911 stuff must be some kind of injector cleaner.

  3. Madstriper

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    A few years back I drove a Isuzu cabover.
    If I remember right, pulling back on the wiper switch, or was it the
    turn signal switch, anyway, seems like one of them would lock the
    Not real sure, just an idea.
  4. morturf

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    The turn signal switch....flash to pass
    The rocker switch is a rear light switch if you had a box van.
    the last switch.......u got me.

  5. Shadetree Ltd

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    This symbol/switch is for the exhaust brake. Listen carefully to the truck going downhill with it on then off. In my 04 manual it says to have it on all the time if the truck isn't empty.

    It is for a box light in the rear, if it is hooked up.

    I don't know for sure, but I would guess an aftermarket reefer or something to that effect. I have an empty blank where your switch is.

  6. Tony Clifton

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    I have that same truck, mine smokes really bad too. Scott is right about what the switches do, but it seems I read in my owners manual that leaving the exhaust brake on could damage the truck (engine overheating maybe?) I would double check your owners manual.
  7. vntgrcr

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    Unfortunately I don't have a owners manual. That is why I figured you guys lucky enough to have on would let me know. I do have an exhaust brake but it is not hooked up. Is there anyway someone could send me a picture of describe how it is hooked up. ie is there a solenoid that actuates it or??? THanks
  8. lbmd1

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    I think the third button that looks like an engine is the core pre-heater. I live in the northeast and have never needed to use it.

    Mike D

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