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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by lawnworker, Apr 28, 2000.

  1. lawnworker

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    hi all i just bought a used 86 chevy k10 4/4 its a nice truck the only think wrong is when i brake hard it tries to pull a little to the right and more noticable then the pulling is a shaking with the front end bobbing up and down what could this be?any ideas thanks for replying
  2. Alan

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    I'd bet that you have a thick spot in a rotor. Makes for erratic friction on that corner. You can have the rotors turned or replace them. Unless it's real bad, I'd live with it, they seem to do it over and over.
  3. yardsmith

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    I had a similar problem on my 87. Only I had the whole front end shaking whenever I hit a pothole or storm sewer drain. <br>Turns out it was the steering damper/stabilizer shock that mounts on the bottom of the front axle. If your's is olser looking, have it replaced with a heavy duty like MOOG brand. Good luck.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>
  4. yortengel

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    I would check the Brakes. If the rotors are pitted or have hard spots, Just put new ones on. Their not that much money. And they really make a Difference. I don't turn many rotors anymore. The Steel is not the same. They get hard spots and you can't get them out. Or by the time you do there is nothing left. Easier to just get new ones. And High Quality brake pads. Like Bendix. I sold these pads for 10 years and had very few problems. I installed a set of OE pads on my K20. (They were free, Dad works for GM) any way. It took a week to seat the pads. Also check, clean & adjust the rear brakes. This will give you a nice High Brake pedal. Also does the steering wheel change position when you brake? If it does than check the front suspension. Bad ball joints and tie rod ends will cause this problem.
  5. lawnworker

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    thanks for the replies will change sterring dampner and check brakes out the truck has 53000 miles i hope the sterring arm are not worn out looks like every thing has been greased on schedule but sometimes tie rods will wear fast on some trucks.

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