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    I am disgusted by my Ford guys! I will still never buy a chevy again though! F-550 all the way! BIG STEVE B CT STRENGTH WSL
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    I'm glad to see a test like this done and performed by an independant company as well. I think had a manufacturer just done this test, the numbers could have been doctored or the tests would not have been done equally.

    I really am a GM fan but don't really get into all the arguments about which brand is best. But after reading that article, I was very surprised at how much better the Chevy performed than the Ford.
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    All you have to do is drive one and you will know which has more power. The 6.7 is still a experiment as far as Iam concerned
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    The GM is strong, no doubt. However...

    The Ford exhaust brake is less aggressive than the GM because it doesn't have an on/off button like the GM trucks, it's on all the time. You have to hit the brakes hard on a grade so that the trans. will down shift and the exhaust brake will be more effective at a higher RPM. It is not effective if you just barely ride the brakes down the hill.

    The best thing would have been to use the button on the shifter to limit the truck to 4 gears and that test would have turned out totally different. I would have expected an experienced driver with a CDL to have known this.

    The 6.7 PSD and Duramax turbos are made by the same manufacturer.
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    Chevy owner not suprised.

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