Chicago, IL - Looking for lawn mowing subcontractors

Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Josh.S, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Josh.S

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    I am working with lending institutions to manage foreclosed properties. Right now, we are in desperate need of grass cut crews in the Chicago, IL metro. We have hundreds of properties per week available.

    Basically, we issue work orders for lawn cuts and other services through our custom software system. You then go and cut the lawn prior to or on the scheduled date. You upload photos proving your work in the software system. Once we received the photos, you the work order is flagged for payment. We pay on Friday of every week via ACH. We pay for every work order submitted up to Tuesday of that week. Please send me a message on here if you're interested with your contact information and available potential order volume.


  2. GrasshoppersLLC

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    What is the average pay rate per yard. I looked into this before and was told 20-25 a yard even on yards I would charge 30-35... Then they wanted 25-30 pictures per property?. Def didn't make sense with gas prices so high.. I never followed through
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    Hi, I am currently in Northern Illinois region and I am more than interested in helping you out. I actually just joined today to respond to your posting.

    Let me know what geographic location you are in need of the help and any more information on this and your contact information and we can do business.

  4. bsmitty

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    I might be interested. Please post or send me some more info. The last time I saw one of these ads it was a big runaround to get paid and it seemed like a scam. Email me with info. I am in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.


  5. Jimmykubish

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    Hi. We service lombard, villa park, and glen ellyn. If you need any cuts let me know.


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