Chicago west burbs anyone?

Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by SER, Mar 22, 2004.

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    From S.E.R.................
    Is there anyone here from the Chicago, Illinois area, specifically from the western suburbs?? Has anyone heard of the Acres Group in the suburbs?? S.E.R. is a Small Engine Repair Co. that has been in the repair business for about five years. We concentrate on the small business people. the ones that the big guys don't bother with? Anyone from Naperville,Plainfield, or Aurora?
    S.E.R. :)
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    My first post! We are starting business in DuPage; the shop is located in Plainfield North. I'm in the acquisition phase and love reading all the posts....this is a band of brothers sharing great information!

    I'll appreciate advice and leads on good used decks, especially Wright Standers & I'll look your shop up- we're probably close by.
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    I am from Oswego. I am always looking options to keep my equipment running

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