Chicken Manure based products for rotary spreaders?....Compost Topdressing Lite?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Exact Rototilling, Feb 2, 2011.

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    Obviously I read it, that's why I'm asking you to tell me.
  2. Kiril

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    The C:N of the material will make a difference, the higher the ratio the better chance you have for mushroom growth.
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    OK Barry .... I guess it is time for another lesson in communication since you insist on being obtuse.

    The green text is the answer to the question in post #1. The blue text is a completely different line of thought, and the red text is the problem. Now tell me Barry .... if I apply organic matter, will it result in a mushroom outbreak? As I noted in my initial response, in my experience it never has.

    Do you think it is productive and/or helpful for readers of this thread to walk away thinking if they apply organic matter on their lawn it will result in a "mushroom outbreak" a few weeks later?
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  4. phasthound

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    He said Potentially any organic-based product will result in mushroom outbreaks a few weeks later.
    I think the readers of this thread are smart enough to understand the meaning of that word. Don't you?
  5. Kiril

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    In this sentence "potentially" refers to the material not the result. It is pretty damn clear Barry, and if that is how I read it, do you think it is possible someone else might also read it that way? What is your problem anyhow? He already corrected it ... even if the correction came with a healthy amount of insult .... which BTW you didn't have a problem with .... go figure.

    You (and others) may not like me very much for wanting information on public forums to be accurate and clear, however many people use these forums for information and advice .... and if I have to be the bad guy for the small part I play in keeping the information accurate and clear then so be it.
  6. Marcos

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    I don't care for you so much Kiril because you come across as so frickin' anal a lot of the time. :cry:

    There are lots of folks out there (like you) who like to largely rely upon data, references & charts.
    That's fine for them & you.
    There are folks out there (like yours truly) who like to largely rely upon years of experience and the trial & error that comes with that, the word-of-mouth from local & regional peers in the field and their experiences.
    That's fine for folks like me.

    I surely didn't mean to ruffle any feathers by jumping into this discussion. In our experiences breakouts of mushrooms have gone hand & hand with piles of decomposing compost...and sporadically with uneven, or over-applications of virtually any application of OM, be it compost or grain-based meals. Everyone & their brother who's been outside & had a bit of fresh air in their lifetimes knows mushroom outbreaks occur over the top of decaying tree root systems year in & year out. This is common sense stuff. Hey Kiril maybe you should turn off that computer, go outside & get some fresh air!:waving:

    From the perspective of soil nutrition for the betterment of all plant material growing above it (turf), we have come to visualize every client & prospects' yard as potentially a 2-dimensional compost pile.
    What?!?:confused: A compost pile amidst the turf!! You're crazy Marcos!! :nono:

    No, not really. :) This is about everybody's grandma & grandpa's "everything in moderation" lecture you remember hearing over & over again while growing up. Only this time this "moderation" is all about properly guaging the volume of OM placed on the surface during different points of the growing season, so that enough time is present in between to adequately allow natural decomposition processes.

    Wow, Kiril, A 3" layer of compost at once?! See, that's something we could never do here in Ohio. That would be three dimensional composting! What kind of CA 'superturf' did you slop that on top of? Some kind of clover?

    Of course we can't core aerate every application of meal & compost into the soil every time we're there. We'd sure like to, though! That's why we refer to it as "2 dimensional composting". Folks around here make/have pretty much money but not that much. Even if we could, only about 60% give or take have reliable irrigation systems and summertime core aeration around here is a really bad idea anyway because of rapid-fire dessication.
  7. Kiril

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    I don't "rely" on them Marcos, I use data and information obtained by the scientific community and use it in my daily business, correlate what others have seen and discovered to what I see and discover. I choose to use that information instead of ignoring it, learn from those who have gone before me and who are far more intelligent than I am. In contrast, apparently you and others prefer to ignore all that, blindly go about their business making decisions based on blind assumptions and hearsay. Now if that is how you or anyone else wants to run their business fine by me, but don't expect to come onto a public forum and expect your "facts" to stand without question.

    I have been working in this field for nearly 20 years. I believe that is longer than you have been doing it if I am not mistaken. So guess what you can do with your insinuation.

    Bingo Marcos ..... so if you see mushrooms do you leap to the conclusion that is due to an application of compost/organics or perhaps due to something else? You wanna know what I do if I need to know? I determine the cause if at all possible ... I don't leap to conclusions or assume anything. Unfortunately you (and others) like to assume many things ... then come on here and state these assumptions/opinions as facts and expect everyone to also accept it as fact. Then when someone comes along that knows better ..... what happens? Yes .... the children play their petty games.

    Do you live in a 2 dimensional world? All applications are 3 dimensional Marcos, although you are free to call it 2-dimensional if you want. :rolleyes:

    And FYI, contrary to what you might believe, typically landscapes contain more than turf. No one in their right mind would apply 3+ inches of compost on turf .... unless your intention is to kill it. Did it ever occur to you that the application I was referring to was somewhere other than turf?

    If you don't mind marcos .... can you explain what "rapid-fire dessication" is, or is this another one of your made up phrases?

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