Chickweeds and Dandelion... new lawn last fall.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by anon4once, Apr 30, 2013.

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    Stamford, CT.

    I had a new lawn installed (killed out, top dressed, then seeded) last fall (actually the process was done 3 times..long story)... lots of bad weather right after seeding each time.

    Finally ended up with green grass, but VERY patchy.

    After talking to the lesco dealer, I decided to use Siduron and grass seed again this spring, which I did as soon as the forsythia bloomed about 2 weeks ago. Watering alot, but seeds are still sitting on surface - I don't think its warm enough yet.

    Anyhow - I am noticing alot of what I think is chickweed, and a fair amount of dandelions... I just read the siduron fact sheets and it says it doesn't control chickweed or dandelions.

    Original Plan WAS:
    Forsythia Bloom - Siduron and Seed
    +3-4 weeks - Siduron again
    +3-4 weeks - Dimension (assuming grass seed is established) and Grub Control
    Late August - Seed
    Late Fall - Winterize (21-3-21 Fertilizer + Iron?)

    Questions... pics attached:
    1. Am I correct - Is that really chickweed?
    2. Should I worry about the chickweed?
    3. Is there a product I can use to control the chickweed and dandelions after I already put the siduron down without worrying about the grass seed I put down?
    4. Pic of lawn from 2 weeks ago, and one from this weekend attached - seems like its filling in ok, but grass seed is still sitting on surface, no sprouts - I think soil is too firmly packed. Should I rent a power seeder and try again now, or just wait until fall and aerate, powerseed, etc...

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice.




  2. crgstvrs

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    same problem this year. seems pretty bad all over. I know you said you have lots of chickweed. I think my lawn is mixed with chickweed and speedwell. I let the grass come in and establish then spot sprayed with weed b gone. doing quite well now.
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    Same here. Chickweed growing in full sun. Also speedwell is just now blooming in hot sun bare spots. 87 high temp here today -- just like late July???? But 48 hours from now, we have a chance of light snow. :cry:
  4. countryclublawnllc

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    That looks fine! Let it grow and worry about the weeds later! It is just starting to warm up. Dont put out too much or you wont like the results.
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    Chickweed has white flowers. Speedwell (Veronica) has purple flowers. You could have both. Both are winter annuals--and should die out in hot weather. New seed sprouts are particularly hard to spot at first; tiny, they usually hide in the shady areas near the other grass. It is normal for a few seeds to lay ungerminated in the sunniest spots.
    Feed to stimulate thickness, and water for now. Plan on weed control in mid August. Then add additional seed, if needed.
    Winter annuals like chickweed and speedwell are best sprayed in late October--but it may be too early this year if your plant new seed. (Should be OK if the new seed has been mowed twice.)
  6. crgstvrs

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    these are a few pics of lawn after slight work on it. started last fall soil was all rock and clay. I know it isn't great but I believe things can only get better now. Still have a thin spot here and there please don't be too critical. This is only tall fescue, I know weeds are in the pic but mostly gone or dying now. looking for advice or comments.

    resize 7.jpg

    resize 12.jpg

    resize 21.jpg

    resize 13.jpg
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I guess I was just scared to let the weeds take over and end up back where I started before shelling out big $$$ (here in CT, outside NYC we get killed with contractor prices).

    Glad to know I'm freaking out for nothing... I will let the fertilizer do its job, and the warmer temps do its job and just keep watering... an irrigation system is my next project I guess.

    I'm sure I will have a lot of questions as the season progresses - I really have learned alot on this site and thank all the contributors to the entire site, and especially those responding this forum post :)

  8. anon4once

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    now you're just rubbing in your nice lawn compared to my splotchy work in progress! Not nice! hahaha
  9. crgstvrs

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    Not at all my lawn looked a lot more patchy, you will realize time will be you biggest help keep it up And yours will be a fairway. Compared to my so so ongoing work in progress.
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  10. crgstvrs

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    Everyone is always their own worst critic. I'D rate my lawn a 6 on a 1to 10 scale. I have about 450.00 in renovating my lawn myself in materials. Sometimes I wonder if I should've let a pro handle it
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