Chief Arborist opening in Minneapolis

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    As a Chief Arborist, you will be responsible to educate clients, sell services, write proposals, complete of transactions, quality control, and train other employees. This position requires industry knowledge, attention to detail, adaptability, self motivation, sales ability, and organizational aptitude. The employee will have a positive and professional approach when interacting with customers and with colleagues in marketing, customer service, sales and operations.

    We are a fast growing company. This opportunity has large career growth opportunities. This is not a good opportunity for someone looking for an 8-5 job.

    Chief Arborist Duties
    - Meet with clients
    - Recommend course of action for care of their trees
    - Write proposals and get agreement with clients
    - Track proposals to completion
    - Manage quality for production crews
    - Develop sales techniques, grow gross sales
    - Assist in refining operations
    - Train other employees on arborist skills and knowledge
    - Follow up on sales proposals
    - Contribute to management decisions and meetings
    - Develop progressive systems in all aspects of Arboriculture
    - Contribute knowledge to our marketing and customer information systems

    Skills: Arboriculture Background and Skills
    - Tree Identification
    - Pest identification and control
    - Pruning principles and techniques
    - Diagnostic and recommendation skills
    - Proposal writing skills
    - Sales and customer service skills
    - Climbing skills
    - A successful member will be self motivated, with organizational skills and the ability to identify, prioritize and complete tasks in a timely manner.
    Individual needs to have computer skills including working knowledge of Micro-Soft Office products. Training will be provided for specific work related programs. The employee must be able to work well with others.

    Preferred, But Not Required, Qualifications:
    -Degree in Urban Forestry or equivalent
    - 2-4 years experience in arboriculture
    - Certified Arborist
    - Climbing background a plus

    Please contact via email to learn more about the opportunity, more about our company, and to submit a resume.

    Happy Holidays!
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    Bumping! Happy New Year!
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