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  1. lwcmattlifter

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    I have a client with a chigger problem. Normally I would treat it with Talstar or Sevin but...the chiggers are around a landscaped fish pond and waterfall. Anyone know of a product that is not highly toxic to aquatic organisms?
  2. kappa915

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    Wanted to get this question back on the board. I have a lady who has chiggers and wants a solution. I have heard people mention Talstar One, but there is nothing on the label for it. I am a LCO, and was wondering if chiggers (red bugs) are labeled on any insecticide.

  3. kappa915

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    Okay, Looks like Sevin is labeled. Anybody had any luck with a Sevin application and chiggers?
  4. seaweed

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    I believe chiggers are in the mite family and mites are listed on the Talstar One label. I use it for clover mites and it seems to work quite well. You would need to determine if the application can be made without contaminating the fish pond.

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