Children on riders...are the parents stupid??

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by impactlandscaping, May 10, 2005.

  1. impactlandscaping

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    Sorry Jodi or Charles if you have to move this, I just wanted more people to see this..Each year we hear the horror stories of children injured or killed while riding on the lap of an adult on a lawn tractor, I almost saw one the other day. I was mowing a church account, and the neighbor stopped on his new Troy Bilt tractor to ask about the Standers. He was really proud of his new mower, and then we went back to mowing our respective yards. About ten minutes later, I looked over and he has his son, maybe 2-3 years old, riding with him on the tractor. He was sitting on the outside of the guys right thigh, saddle style. They went to turn and he almost dropped the little boy. If that wasn't bad enough, a minute later, he got too close to a low branch on a pear tree, and about ripped both their heads off. I was about ready to go ask the guy if he was crazy or just plain lacking in common sense. I figured it wasn't my place, so I kept mowing. I had to fix my crooked, if you know anyone who takes their children on a lawn tractor with them because they think it's " fun", tell them to think again..sorry for the rant...been working too much...
  2. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    I have been known to take my kids for quick rides on the mowers but never with the blades engaged. As paramedic I have seen the accidents. You just have to be smart about things. My dad use to ride me on his mower as a child, and now that he is gone those are some of my best memories of him.

    You are right in most cases, those people don't get the danger thing......

  3. David Grass

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    Unfortunately some memories include getting fit for prosthetic limbs or worse. A friend of our's is in that business, and says that they get the most business from "good ole dad" riding child on the mower.
  4. The mayor

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    I never heard of a kid falling off and being run over. I always see the news where the parent backs over their kids.
  5. leadarrows

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    I usually stick up for a parents right to give there kid a ride on the mower. But last week I saw something that shook my faith in my fellow man to the core. This guy had a mower with blades engaged stuck in a ditch. It was about to flip over as he rocked it and flung his body to one side to keep it from rolling over. In his lap was a kid no more than 3 years old. Right next to the highway in a steep ditch. I stopped my truck and ran over to them and graped the mower and pushed it out while holding it down. What I wanted to do was grab the kid set him off to the side and whale the tar out of this guy. My dad and grandad gave me lots of rides on farm equipment as a kid but they never put me in such a position of danger like that. They used it as an opportunity to discuss safety issues with me. I wasn't allowed to ride when they were working until I was old enough to hang on at least. Some people have absolutely no sense at all.
  6. 65hoss

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    Anyone riding a kid with blades engaged is stupid. Riding them around, just riding with no blades engaged...ain't no problem.
  7. jt5019

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    I take my daughter for a quick ride up and down the sidewalk sometimes when im unloading the trailer..Never with the blades engaged
  8. Itsgottobegreen

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    My father used to do that with me. But we where in the middle of a 3 acre flat lawn with 3 trees in it. I know I won't ever be doing that when I have kids.

    I have been with several of these types of calls with the fire department. Some people are just stupid. :dizzy: Here in Maryland, nothing is flat. So why would you add the extra weight of a kid, plus their weight is also not being balanced over the center of the machine.

    I did see a john deere garden tractor once with a smaller seat attached to the bigger seat with a little seat belt on it.
  9. Mowerboy04

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    i have taken my brother for rides around the yard but like every one elese is saying never with the blades running.
  10. jbell113

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    Well I must be the stupid one here cause I ride and cut with my kids every now and then but I dont advertise it to them.. I do have a few rules though they have to follow....must wear shoes, never sneak up behind the mower while im cutting......never get close to the deck with your feet or fingers even when the mower is not running......must be sitting in between my legs..... cannot get on or off the mower when the blades are turning and must wait for them to stop spinning before getting off...We have a level lot with very little hazards and if I think that I will be cutting any thing rough or uneven I make them get off.I have told them all the horror stories associated with mower accidents. I do believe it can be done safely but the older I get (37 by the way) the more I worry about the possibilities of them getting hurt. I would say most of the accidents that occur are probably with people who just dont realize how dangerous they are and dont think about the dangers invovled but, If a person understands the dangers and sets forth rules and educates there children then I believe in the right circumstances it can be done safely.

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