Children on riders...are the parents stupid??

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by impactlandscaping, May 10, 2005.

  1. mtdman

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    Yes, parents are stupid.
  2. Smalltimer1

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    I know of a guy who had his fingers chopped off because he thought he could adjust the belts while they were engaged......not so--obviously.

    I've been driving mowers by myself since I was 6 years old. When I first started I was only allowed to drive in 1st and 2nd gear with blades off. Then when I was 8 I was allowed to use the blades and use 3rd, 4th, and 5th gears.

    Last week I saw a 11 year old kid running wild on a brand new Crapsman in his neighbor's yard, apparently they're paying him some pocket change to mow there. The kid is gonna hurt himself the way he's going. He drives over the gravel driveway with the blades engaged throwing it all over the place. He runs into the trees and bushes going wide open and drives extremely wreckless. I felt like going up there to talk to the property owners about it, but determined that I'd probably get run off by them simply saying that I was trying to take that job from that 'poor kid'. I almost feel like it'd be saving his life if I step up there next time I see him mowing there.
  3. Remsen1

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    Some of my fondest memories were of riding on dad's lap and learning how to drive our old JD112 (I still have it by the way) and riding along on much larger pieces of equipment. It was always done safely, there were never any obstacles. He would ask me to hop off and watch from a distance when there was. He would always shut the blades off if I came over to talk or to go for another ride. He would throw himself under the tactor to protect me from it. What pizzez me off is parents who are too dumb for their own kids good, like depicted in previous replies. But another thing that bothers me is if somebody who didn't know me were to say, "you shouldn't have your kid on there with you". I respect the danger of my machinery 100% and I will teach that to my kids and I will do so by giving them the opportunity to learn how to act while in the presence of and while operating machinery. They will learn that going under tree branches and around obstacles is not a place to have a passenger or spectator. I feel the same way about kids + firearms, atvs etc. They should learn respect of potentially dangerous activities rather than be sheltered from them.
  4. Smalltimer1

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    Make sure you hold on to that JD's a collector's item now..... :drinkup:
  5. Remsen1

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    It's one of the Patio Models. White 'n Yellow.
  6. NorrisG

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    I had a neighbor about 4 doors down from us several years ago that had her kid on the mower with her as she was mowing. The woman took the mower out of gear and got off to get a stick or something, she left the kid on the mower...... somehow the mower jumped into gear, the kid fell off, the mower ran over the kids legs. Just so happened a friend of mine that was keeping his horse at their house came driving up just as it happened, he took them both to the hospital. He said the kid nor the mother said a word the whole way- guess they were both in shock. Several surgeries later the kids fine. They sued the manufacturer of the mower and got some sort of settlement.
  7. Itsgottobegreen

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    If you ever want to sell it. I got a barn full of JD garden tractors to keep it company. I don't have a patio tractor in my collection.
  8. Smalltimer1

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    I'll just say if its in great original shape (and the S/N checks out as an actual patio tractor) you could get $2500 easy, $1500 for one in average shape, only if you know the right people...... :cool:
  9. Remsen1

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    It's in average shape, maybe a little better than average. It's been repainted, JD white. I'm sure the serial numbers match, this tractor has been in my family since 1978. It belonged to our church before that. The Kohler has been freshly rebuilt, for the third time. Once in '85, again in '96 and the last time was just a couple years ago. I only use it every once in a while "for old time sake". I still till my garden with it. I'll have to post a picture of it if I can remember. I don't think I'll be selling it, I couldn't bear to part with it, too many memories. It is a part of how I fell in love with lawn work. I can remember as if it were yesterday, when I was 7 or 8 years old getting pissed at my father cause he mowed the church's lawn without me :)

    I've also got a 60's vintage JD 110. This one I would say is in above average condition, but it's not a patio model.
  10. turfmann

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    There was an incident on Cape Cod last summer in which the father backed over his kid with the blades running. There was no need for an ambulance. Now the safety feature that turns off the blades when the mower goes into reverse makes sense. For most homeowners it's a case of "there but for the grace of God go I"

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