Chinch bug disaster

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by jpbrazan, Feb 26, 2010.

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    I live in Houston and last summer we were away from the house for about a month and came back to a front lawn (St. Augustine) that had been destroyed nearly completely by chinch bugs. Near the end of summer/early fall I went to Home Depot and the "Scott's" sales rep suggested I put down some Scott's Winterguard. Well that didn't do anything other than make clovers and weeds sprout up. Now it's almost spring and I have very little St. Aug growing and weeds have taken over.
    Wondering what my options are. Should I till it up and seed or sod. Can I seed without tilling? Do I need to aerate before seeding? I am pretty much a novice, so any advice is welcome.
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    jp--St. Augustine CANNOT be seeded; it must be sodded. First, you need to treat for cinch bugs--A application of chlorpyrifos (Dursban which last about three weeks) is generally used for them . Sevin during the growing season would have helped out some. Call a local guy--I really can't comment too much because we seldom have them on the coast.
    If the sod is over 50% gone, then a re-sodding should be done. Clinch bugs love dry conditions; is your lawn irrigated? If not, then you may have a three fold problem: No turf, turf that will die without irrigation, and weeds invading the bare spots. (You already have two of them). Till only when the clinch bugs have been treated. Maybe someone from here near or in Houston will help you out on the likelihood that they may be in the ground. Good Luck.
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    So the chinch bugs will have survived the winter and I need to treat for them before I do anything? If I do need to re-sod, could someone outline the process starting from a yard of dead grass and weeds?
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    Dursban is no longer available. Cinchbugs get resistant to insecticides after 2 or 3 applications--you have to rotate to a different active ingredient after two applications. Do a lot of reading or get a local expert to help you. I am 2000 miles away. But Florida has the best information:
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    yea we love our chinch bugs.....

    i would try to find some bifen xts i get qts for under 20.00 and i can spray my arce 3 times with that qt bottle at the highest label setting.. but like was already said you have to rotate. i got some dursban left over i hit my yard one time a year with... the last time i got qt of bifen xts it was like 14.00-16.00 from pro source...

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