Chinch Bug Trouble

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by cpsaucier, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. cpsaucier

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    I work in Central Florida and I have noticed that the pesticide Tal-Star, the go to product for chinch bugs, is losing it's effect. I think the bugs are getting immune to it. Has anyone tried the new pesticide "Arena" in this area? Does it work well? Is there a big price difference? Is there something even better out there?
  2. bug-guy

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    arena works well i would prefer the liq for chinch bugs over gran, but liq is in an expensive package.
    arena is a group 4 insecticide which is a good rotation from bifentrin, cyper., and permthrin products which i believe are group 3 the active in arena is clothianidin and i think it's similar to imidachloprid (metit)
    there is something going on with arena i think they might stop selling it and instead market a product call aloft (clothianidin and bifentrin)
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    We have a product called Blistering Defense.
    This dis-flavors the food supply.
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    use demand cs...generic is cyanorra
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    Regardless of what insecticide you use, be sure to apply it at 5 gallons per thousand or more mixed finish spray. St Augustine can hide a lot of Chinch bugs.

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